Many moons ago when it was announced that Bravo was going to do a Real Housewives of DC (way before that Salahi hot mess) I wrote this post, outlining who I thought the characters should be. Now that the show has started, let’s compare my original  predictions to what really happened. Also, if you need a brief history of our nation as well as Richard’s take on the characters, please read his recap of the premiere. Oh I abso cannot wait for Richard’s take on the distrcit. And, Richard, if you need a fact-checker please do not hesitate to contact me, as I lived and breathed it from a real DC address for three long years and had daily meetings with Dr. Jefferson Memorial. Let’s get to it!

Original Prediction #1: Foreign Diplomats Wife: A foreign hottie who has been in the USA long enough to know about the show. This will be a leap for BRAVO, but necessary given DC is such a totally cool mixing pot!

I was hoping that this foreigner would also be South American or Persian to add to the intrigue, but I guess Bravo was just not ready yet. Instead they chose an ex-pat from Britain, who has no diplomatic connections, but apparently her ex-husband is BFF’s with Barack (was her husband during the show, but not anymore). So, let me introduce Catherine Ommanney, who unfotch can’t afford a house in the Kalorama neighborhood with all the other diplos and ex-pats, instead she slums it in Chevy Chase. Not posh Cat, not posh at all. At least her last name does sound a little Persian. I give myself 59 points for correct prediction of a foreigner in the cast, but wrong nationality/husband’s occupation.

Original Prediction #2: Chevy Chase Princess: Comes from Old Money, was born and raised in Chevy Chase and lives on a very lovely street near Bloomingdales and Saks, in a house her parents bought for her when she married her high school sweetheart from St. Albans (she went to NCS, obvs) who also came from money and works at family lobby shop.

Yup, this sounds just like Mary, second generation DC, married for 20 years, summered with the Kennedy’s, founded two charities as her job (screams WASP). Has a brood of blonde kids and a very annoying 23-year-old daughter who everyone at Langley High probably wanted to smack and went to Radford (am I right Emily P, leave it in the comments?).  Don’t even need to say more. I give myself 100 points for accurate prediction even though she lives in McLean across the street from Colin P (more on that in a moment)!

Original Prediction #3: McLean Mom: Husband is high up in the Government and will lead viewers to believe he has some high clearance job, maybe at the CIA, but will really just work for OPM or HUD. Lives in a large McLean McMansion next to Colin Powell or a Saudi Prince and will go to exclusive soirees at said houses.

Ummmm so even thought it’s actually Mary who lives in McLean across the street from Colin Powell (yup direct quote, I do give myself some extra points for that), the McLean mom is def more like Stacie (and also I had a hard time fitting Stacie into any of them). She loves her family, her hubs looks like a nice normal guy who did used to work for the Mayor of DC. And, of course she founded a charity, every stay at home mom should have one (along with a Harvard MBA, she has that too).

Original Prediction #4: Georgetown “Scenester” Wannabe: This will be the one single lady on the show and will probably live in a trendy apartment in an “up and coming” neighborhood (ie Anacostia or the H St Ghetto). She has actually done pretty well in her career, first starting out as a hill staffer and now working for a media outlet of sorts, probably in an upper management role, but not an exec of course, or how else would she have time to be on the show and sleep with powerful men?

I’d say this is Lynda, divorce, dating Ebong, who is much younger, and according to her official bio on bravo is a “staple on the Washington social scene.” So was she the cougar I always saw at Smith’s Point? Staple on the scene my ebong, I don’t think so! And, to top it all off, she lives in Georgetown (according to the HuffPo). I give myself  85 point for accuracy, as she owns a modeling agency (cause DC is definitely a place where many models are needed), rather than working on the Hill.

Original Prediction #5: Alexandria Poser: The most insignificant of the bunch. Got on to the show because she worked with Georgetown Scenester 5 years ago (as her assistant). Now is a “working” mom and has two young kids who go to (gasp) public school in Alexandria. Shops on King Street, Pentagon City and Tyson’s Galleria (but only when there is a sale) and mostly at Loehmann’s in Falls Church.

Well, in terms of annoyingness and poserness, I’d say this is Michaele Salahi, the infamous WH party crasher. Basically the epitome of a wannabe social climber, who unfortunately got the wrong kind of press. I’d say Alexandria and Virginia horse country (where she lives in a beautiful McMansion) are pretty similar. And, though we see no children, they would totes go to public school if she had any. In terms of shopping, she does have a stylist, but she probably instructs him to buy everything at Loehman’s, especially since it appears they don’t pay their bills. I’d give myself another 85 points, I didn’t predict the Whitehouse party crash, but I was totally thinking of this type of lady

So, here’s to a season of DC! I totes left at the wrong time, DC is so trendy for reality TV these days, Top Chef, Real World and now Real Housewives! Lastly, check out the article the HuffPo wrote about the ladies (with a focus on silly Salahi), pretty good!

As we all know, snowpocalypse hit DC this week/weekend. I’m pretty jealous of my friends who have gotten to miss 3 days of work this week, though, according to my guest blogger (the same lady who brought you teatime) it can get a little boring. Here are her suggestions for being snowed in.

I am on day 6.5 of being snowed in to my humble abode, thanks to Snowpocolypse/Snowmaggeden/Snowbama/Blizzard 2.0, I thought I would give you some guest bloggie content.

10 Ways to survive a massive snowstorm(s) without committing yourself to the looney bin:

1) DVDs. Note these get boring after day 1 when you realize you have bedsores from sitting down so much.  Also if you are awesome like me and don’t subscribe Netflix (or have watched all your Netflix), then you are a victim of Comcast On Demand and Lifetime movies. Entertainment Value: 2 points.

2) Shovel. The obvious activity once the snow stops and essential if you want to envision the day when you actually may be able to drive on a road. Entertainment value: 5 points (productive and good exercise!).

3) Go for a Snow Hike. I use the word hike as you 1. have boots on that are heavy and add to the strenuousness of the activity and 2. many sidewalks resemble a Mt. Kilimanjaro trail.  This activity is also easily combined with number 4. Entertainment value: 4 points.

4) Mission Impossible. After a few days food items tend to run out and you find yourself doing things like walking 1 mile in a white-out for mushrooms and chocolate chips (for chicken mushroom saute and chocolate chip banana bread, clearly).  I found out early on that the secret Asian mini market under my old building had every ingredient sold out of Whole Foods or Safeway. That place is a lifesaver yet again. Entertainment value: 3 points.

5) Baking. Holy rusted kitchen aid Batman, did I bake. I baked banana bread for the guys who helped me shovel, pumpkin bread for the people at my front desk, bread for Superbowl, and even experimented with whole wheat flour in baked goods (verdict? vetoed). Note that this activity often is preceded by #4 so by the time you bite into your warm slice of chocolate chip pumpkin bread, you are nearing 10 entertainment value points! Amazing!

6) Facebook. Thank goodness for Facebook.  As a single gal in the city who lives alone, I am now even more appreciative of the value of social interaction.  I quickly started using Facebook as basically my only social interaction and pretty much messaged, wrote on the wall, commented on pictures and status, and stalked the Facebook page of everyone of my 700 friends. Okay maybe 25% but that is a lot. Entertainment value: 3 points.

7) IM. Again, thank you for the only social interaction in which I could actually have a conversation… of typed sorts. Thank you to all who entertained me while working remotely as you saved me from a dark deep cave. Entertainment value: 3 points (real time responses! its amazing!).

8 ) Cleaning. Ughs I know. But my hunt for my Hot Chili’s resulted in a massive sweat pant/t-shirt purge.  I was so excited to get rid of it all that I climbed the 6 ft bank in my parking lot at the clothing donation bin to get it in there. Entertainment value: 2 points.

9) TV shows online. Thanks to the past week I am now officially caught up with Private Practice, Grey’s, Real World DC (yup I’ll admit it), and Ugly Betty.  I also have watched the whole Glee season to date 1.5 times through. Entertainment value: 1 point (started as three but 2 are deducted because I am supporting the worst show on TV… RW DC). Note from Lottie: I concur.

10) Online browsing. For vacations out of the snow; for new art for one’s newly re-arranged living room (which I am now fixated on getting since I have looked at the bare wall 17 hours a day for a week); sneakers; cashmere sales; books; things for your friend’s wedding. Side note on this– if you are thinking of getting engaged, I highly recommend doing it before a big snowstorm.  My newly engaged friend and I did quite a bit of wedding conferring and are well on the planning way for Save the Dates, a photographer, cake etc. Entertainment value: 2 points (3 for wedding browsing)

11) Guest Blog for Lottie. Entertainment Value: 6.9 points.

Real World DC premiered last night. I was excited to see all the DC sites in the background. I lived right near the house and even saw them filming before I moved out of the district. I usually don’t give negative commentary on my blog, but Real World stunk.

Maybe I am too old, but they are kids, Andrew is an idiot, and the rest are vanilla, even Ty (no pun intended). Honestly, I’d rather have to spend the rest of my life with the Jersey Shore cast than watch these lame-o’s.  The Sexist at DC City Paper gave a good recap, if you even care to hear what happened and Washingtonian Magazine is also on my side. Consensus, deleted the DVR season pass.

On Thursday I will pack up my apartment and leave D.C. for Boston to take some time off and then get my MBA. It’s been a wonderful 4 years in the District and I’m going to miss it a lot! I moved here right after college and started my adult life, I’ve grown from a college student to a card carrying (Amex Blue if you’re wondering) grown-up with her own apartment, sorta cool job and lots and lots of wonderful friends both new and old. I’m excited for the next chapter, but I’m pretty sad to be leaving the place I became a real adult in!

So, without further ado here are some favorite DC places, faces and memories.

Clarendon, don’t hate on Virginia, Clarendon rocks. It was the first place I lived when I moved here. Blocks from the metro and Whole Foods, and lots of fun bars for Happy Hour. We also had an awesome yard, quite conducive to BBQ’s thanks to Sadler’s grill. There was also the time a roach fell on me in the shower and the time our landlord sketched out and moved to Egypt. VA Rocks.

Rosslyn, oh so ugly, but what a great location. I lived “steps from Georgetown” and had a whole floor to myself, along with some lovely roommates. It took me 15 minutes to get to work, I win.

1868 Columbia Rd NW, where I’ve lived for the past two years. I made my way into the actual District and payed more taxes (it’s only really $20 more a year FYI). Living alone is awesome, you don’t have to fight about who is going to buy toilet paper. Living steps from Adams Morgan is semi awesome, except when people vandalize your car (x3).

2123 California St NW, probably the coolest apartment in DC, so mid-century modern, great kitchen and great resident. It even has a fireplace which makes DC “winter” days so cozy. Many fun times were spent there. Also, they don’t charge for laundry, but I probably should have contributed to the water bill since I did it there so much, grac BF.

Russia House, my fave bar that’s full of memories, including but not limited to a DTR, a farewell soiree, a techno violinist and the best martinis outside of Russia.

MINT/Gold’s/WSC, oh my gyms, Gold’s is awesome, but parking sucks, WSC was dirty and I quit, then I found MINT and I never want to join another gym. Nothing is better than their mint and eucalyptus infused cool face towels. Do you think I can suggest that Longfellow in Wayland, MA incorporate them?

Whole Food’s/Teeter/Wegmann’s, the grocery stores in the DC area sure trump the ones in MA (except maybe Sudbury Farms), I love to grocery shop (weird) and having those places to spend my Sunday afternoons with and without MZ were so much fun. Thanks to them (and Ina Garten) I’ve tried many wonderful recipes.

G Town/Ad-Mo/U St, oh the bars. Sorry Boston, but I think DC has a way better bar scene than you. I mean I’m excited to try new places, but I am going to miss all the DC bars terribly. There’s so much variety, lines, but never bad lines, and great people watching. Whether you are with the scensters at S.P., meeting the Bush twins at the Rookery, or being hipster at Bar Pilar it’s always pretty fun (except when you slip on puke at the Guards…).

Cherry Blossoms and the Tourists, I have to admit, it’s kinda fun to see tourists all over your city, to give them directions, and to tell them not to go to a certain restaurant when they are mulling over the menu outside. Even thought the Cherry Blossoms bring WAY TOO MANY people to DC they are so pretty and we’re lucky to have such a beautiful phenomenon every year. Also, in what other city can you just pop into the National Gallery or Botanical Gardens at a moment’s notice? What I won’t miss – getting stuck behind tourists who are walking slowly.

The list could go on and on, but DC I shall miss you. My blog will go on, but I’ll be writing about Boston instead. I have lots of fun summer trips on the horizon as I get to take July and August to live a life of leisure before I submit myself to MBA life, so keep reading!


This weekend Marc and I wanted to be turistas, but didn’t want to go far from home. The Hillwood Estate, right in the District was the perfect option. My friend Laura works there and graciously offered to take us around the home and vast gardens. It was absolutely lovely.

Founded by American collector and heiress to the Post cereal empire Marjorie Merriweather Post, Hillwood is one of the finest art collector’s museums in the United States as all the pieces come from Marjorie’s own private collection. I mean the lady had EVERYTHING, including a Dacha (I would too if I’d been the sole heir to Post Cereal).


The Dacha

She purchased the estate in 1955 with the intention of making it a museum upon her death. She spent the fall and spring at Hillwood, summered in the Adirondacks and spent her winters at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, now owned by Donald Trump. I don’t blame her for staying away from DC in the summers!

The museum (i.e. her house) features the most comprehensive collection of Russian imperial art outside of Russia and a world-renowned collection of eighteenth-century French decorative art and furnishings. The collection includes Fabergé eggs, Russian porcelain, Russian Orthodox icons, Beauvais tapestries, and Sèvres porcelain. Encircled by woodlands bordering Rock Creek Park, the twenty-five acre estate provides visitors a tranquil oasis of luscious formal gardens ranging from a French Parterre to a Japanese Style Garden complete with a pond and waterfall. Her ashes even rest in the rose garden  on the estate!


When we arrived at Hillwood we watched a short film about Marjorie’s life and collections. She started collecting decorative art at a young age and became fascinated with Russian art when she traveled to Russia with her 3rd husband (GF didn’t mess when it came to men) who was the ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1937 to 1938. At that time the Soviet Government was selling the Tsar and Tsarina’s centuries old possessions like candy and Marjorie scored some awesome stuff. Later she hired her own curator to fill gaps in her collection. The most impressive piece for me was a Fabergé Egg given by Nicolas II to his mother. I’m not sure if she got the it while in Russia, or later, but either way, she got a Fabergé, she wins.


The Fab

Our first stop on the tour was the gardens. We meandered through the French Parterre designed in the style of 18th century French gardens (think Versailles), then through the Rose Garden and Pet Cemetery, around the Japanese Style Garden, and made a stop in the Dacha, where they had an exhibit of some of Marjorie’s costumes. Back in the 1920′s instead of having cocktail parties in Rand Hall, the rich staged elaborate costume fetes, with hard core outfits. Marjorie’s were pretty awesome, no pictures were allowed inside so you’ll have to go check out her Marie Antoinette and American Indian costumes on your own. The umbrellas on the lawns were also awesome, her originals from the 1960′s



We also visited the greenhouses full of orchids and the cutting gardens where all the flowers that fill the house are grown. When you’re rich you don’t need to buy flowers at Whole Foods, your gardeners just grow them for you, DUH. Once done with the gardens we entered the mansion. It felt like being somewhere in Europe such as Windsor Castle or the Kaiser Apartments, wow. The entrance hall has a huge portrait of Catherine the Great (the big one over the stairs).


My favorite was the dining room. Marj had a TON of dishes and different ones are showcased throughout the house and of course on the dining room table. It was also fun to see her bedroom, closet and bathroom, complete with pink toilet paper.


I could go on and on, but bottom line, her collection is wonderful, the gardens are a perfect escape from a hot DC day, and it’s so close that you have no excuse not to get there stat! You must call ahead to make a reservation for your visit and can go any time of year, but of course warm months are better so you can enjoy the flowers!

If you need me I’ll be figuring out how I can procure my own Faberge Egg…

Now that the heat is on in DC it’s to the pool we go. I’ve already told you all about Sunday’s with Spike at the Captiol Skyline, but if you don’t want to head to the semi-ghetto neighborhood next to the DC Inspection Station, there are plenty of other options.

Marc sent me this blog post from the Washingtonian that lists a few other places such as the Marriot Wardman Park and the Hilton Embassy Row. Everyone seems to charge $10 to $15 for a daypass, but there’s usually plenty of room, plenty of sun, and obvs a pool. What more could you ask for besides an apartment at the Promenade or a friend who lives there (they have a pool)…

If you don’t want to pay $$ and you don’t have a friend at the Promenade or a pool in Arlington you can sneak in to the DC public pools are actually a great bet. The ones where you won’t catch a communicable disease and/or STD are the following:

Georgetown: Feels more like a private pool club than a city one, get there early as chairs are limited and usually taken up by “scensters” discussing who made out with who at SP last night!

Foggy Bottom: HUGE is the best way to describe this pool, like huge. Plenty of seating and a wide array of bathers, from kids to gaybors and everything in between.

East Potomac Park: Run around Haines Point and then go to this pool that’s quiet and usually pretty empty because nobody knows about it. Kinda hard to find, so just refer to DC’s list of pool’s and their addresses right here (the link in the Washingtonian blog is wrong, mine is right, I win).

Don’t forget your floaties!



It’s about time I did a post on all the Pinkberry knockoff’s that have sprung up in DC. and now that summer is in full swing I thought now would be good.  I’m a huge Pinkberry fan, as my regular readers know. In the past year DC has been inundated with every tangy yogurt place possible EXCEPT Pinkberry, the original (or as some may argue Red Mango came fist, but whatever).

For everyone who has been on Mars for the past few years, the first Pinkberry opened in January 2005 in LA. The tangy frozen yogurt (at only 70 calories per 1/2 cup)  soon attracted a cult following and the Korean-American owners began to expand around LA and then NYC. They now have 72 locations total, mostly in CA, but there are 13 in NYC.

Marc wanted to open one in DC, but Pinkberry said no (he emailed them and they emailed back). Unfortunately before Marc could just start his own TangySweet came on the scene. Their initial website literally ripped pictures off Pinkberry’s website. It tasted exactly the same, but when I met the owner on opening day and compared his product to Pinkberry he got angry, “WE ARE NOT PINKBERRY” he firmly asserted. Oh really? You don’t want to be anything like Pinkberry? Those pictures on your website look pretty PB to me, so does the store, the toppings, the (just see my review below)…

So readers, here are my humble opinions of the Pinkberry wannabe’s in the District!

Sweet Green: This salad place opened by some Georgetown Grads whose Daddy’s gave them money to start a business was the first place in DC to serve up tangy fro-yo.  Their “sweetflow” as they call it is 80 calories per 1/2 cup and is much more tangy  (or tart) than Pinkberry is and they only have one flavor. A small is $4 and a large is $6. They automatically come with 3 toppings and extra toppings are $.50. They have your general topping choices, but no mochi (almost marshmallow like balls, my fave topping). Fortunately their Daddy’s made sound business decisions when giving them money to start the place. Their salads are great too and they now have three locations in the area: Georgetown, Dupont and Bethesda. I like how they actually tried to be a little different than Pinkberry and made salads the focus, rather than the yogurt.


TangySweet: Even though Sweetgreen beat them to the yogurt punch, Tangy was the first all-yogurt place to open in the district. Though they claim to not be like Pinkberry EVERYTHING about the place screams it. I guess their recipe is more like the original Korean recipe that started it all (says the owner), but it tastes just like Pinkberry to me, right down to the topping offerings and the decor. Really, if you are looking for Pinkberry in DC, Tangy comes the closest. They have 3 flavors: original, green tea and pomegranate, a plethora of toppings, including mochi, as well as smoothies. Their prices aren’t online, but I remember them being just about the same as Pinkberry’s (surprise, surprise). They have two locations, Dupont and Penn Quarter.


My. Yogato: This guy sprang up right after TangySweet, on 17th street in the heart of the gayborhood. The lines were out the door at first, but their allure soon faded. They have a catchy website and ask you trivia questions in line (or at least they used to). What sets them apart is their flavor offerings. Every day they have tangy and sweet original options and then one or two weekly flavors, all with weird names, such as Kiramel (Caramel) and Razbellie (raspberry). Honestly guys, your names are weird and so is your concept. I guess they are trying to set themselves apart, but come on all the places are mostly the same. That said the one time I went the yogurt was good. I had original tangy and sampled a flavor, toppings were standard and included mochi. As far as prices, they charge $1 for one topping and $1.75 for two, but the base prices are a bit cheaper than say Tangy, so all in all their prices are in line with the competition.


Iceberry: This is the place I’ve been to the most because it’s somewhat near my office, in Georgetown. The yogurt is a little icier than Pinkberry, but still great. They have mochi and all your other standard toppings, as well as smoothies. It is the priciest of the bunch at $6.75 for a medium with three toppings, but they do have some good flavors, such as Honeydew (which tastes great mixed with original). If you’re in Georgetown it’s a great spot. I think I like it better than SweetGreen just because it is a little sweeter, but if you like tangy then head up the street.


Cali Yogurt: This place opened in January right on 18th street in the heart of Adams Morgan. They got the tangy/sweet combo just right. Their website is semi ghetto and still under construction even though they’ve been open for over 6 months now, but just go if you’re in the neighborhood. Prices are the same as the others. I like their atmosphere the best of any of the places in DC. Large, plenty of seating and not cramped feeling like Mr. Yogato and Iceberry can be!


Ghetto Place in the Asian Market on Columbia Rd: One day I was walking down Columbia Road and noticed a “yogurt” place had opened in a corner of the Asian Market at Columbia and Biltmore St (like literally inside the market). I have yet to try it, but their prices are super low. However, I have no idea what it tastes like and am not even sure if it has an actual name. If anyone has been let us know in the comments section.

Bardo informed me I needed to rank the places in order of favorites, these are my personal opinions based on taste (I prefer it on the less tangy side) so here we go:

1) TangySweet

2) IceBerry

3) Mr. Yogato

4) Cali Yogurt

5) SweetGreen

6) Ghetto place on Columbia (since I’ve never tried it)

Happy fro-yo-ing!

Last night Kathleen and I finally went to Pasta Mia in Adams Morgan. I’ve known about it for a long time, but just haven’t had a chance to go. Pasta Mia has a cult following in D.C. The 3 person operation (a cook and 2 waiters) has been attracting pasta lovers for a long time, but to very mixed reviews.

First off is the wait, people wait for over an hour sometimes and then it can take as long as 30 minutes to get your food (even your appetizer). Diners start lining up at 6pm for the 6:30 open time, the service is slow and sometimes rude and the portions are HUGE. All the pasta and sauces are home-made from fusilli to spinach fettucine, there’s a $13 minimum per person, cash only policy, and everything comes with Parmesan on top and mozzarella on the bottom, NO SUBSTITUTIONS!

I read some reviews on Yelp.com before going, so we both knew what to expect. When we rolled in around 8:52 we were seated almost right away since we were a party of 2 and it was later in the evening. So, first word of advice, don’t go with any more than 2 people and go late (they close at 10pm). We were lead to a very cramped table and sat very close to our neighboring diners who were quite entertaining as they had not read Yelp reviews and complained the whole time. Also, their niece was coming to visit the next day and they told everyone that about 47 times! Hope she has fun with them…

I got a glass of house wine and Kathleen got a Birra Moretti, both were $4.50. The wine wasn’t totally to my liking, a very strong Chianti, but it did go well with the pasta in the end. After seeing how huge the portions were we decided not to get an appetizer and went with pappardalle with meat sauce and fusilli with marinara, both to share. The bread they brought was decent and we downed it all since it took about 20 minutes for our food to come.



But, when it came, WOW. Huge steaming bowls of amazingness were set on the table as our eyes basically bugged out. My papardelle was cooked to perfection and covered in cheese and meat sauce, simple but perfect. Kathleen’s was the same, I’ve never tried homemade fusilli before, but they got it right. It did take awhile for the dishes to cool down though, they were a bit too hot to eat at first.



We made a small dent in our pastas and decided to wrap them up and order some dessert. Our Tiramisu was delish, I felt like I was back in Verona Italia with my host family, YUM! There was the perfect amount of cocoa powder sprinkled on top, the lady fingers were soaked to perfection, and the mascarpone cream was downright creamy.


The check came fast, we savored our last bites and then waddled out into the night! Bottom line, definitely a great Italian meal, but go with a small group (2), be prepared to wait a bit, and bring cash. They are closed Sunday’s and Monday’s.

Pasta Mia

1790 Columbia Rd NW

Washington, DC

Last week Daily Candy’s weekend guide informed me that every Sunday this summer Chef Spike of Top Chef Fame and Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill would be grilling burgers at the Capitol Skyline Hotel. For just $10 you can get a burger and a day at the hotel’s retro pool.

Basically whenever Lottie see’s the word pool she get’s excited, and then when you add something like “all you have to do is (insert action here)” Lottie will probably do it. She loves being able to go to pool’s in DC since they are pretty hard to come by. Well not that hard, but still a big change from growing up across the street from the WSTC where she could go to the pool anytime from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Daily Candy and the hotel’s website said the grilling/tanning festivities commenced at 12pm, so at 11:58pm on the dot Maggie, Kathleen and I were ready and waiting to enter the pool area. We were the first to arrive, thanks to a sweet parking spot for the Lesbaru right outside the hotel. We paid our $10 (cash only fyi), got our wristbands and frolicked out on to the pool deck.

The pool area was sweet, sorta a Hotel Roosevelt, swingin 60′s vibe, and since we were basically the first we got our pickings of the chairs. Though the vibe was old school, the pool was clean and everything looked new. Don’t let the ughly architecture of the hotel fool you, they’ve done a wonderful job!



There were even fun toys in the pool to play with!


We chose some lovely chaises along the deep end, near Spike’s grill station. The chairs were quite comfortable and the orange towels were a great touch. Spike and friends were just setting up, so we lounged for awhile and I snapped a pic with him (his idea, probs because my Wayfarers are so dope).


Eventually a bartender came over and messed up our drink order about 72 times, but that was okay, we were so happy to be there. Apparently he was hungover from last night, or so he told us the 37th time he had to bring us something.

All the drinks were under $5 and quite tasty. Sangria was served up with plenty of fruit and wine, stoli blueberry cocktails with lemonade and pomegranate juice were refreshing, and the $3 diet cokes weren’t that bad, you pay for the atmosphere, right? Though, next time I would bring a water bottle.

After about an hour we got our burgers and they were delish. Grilled up just right, topped with some cheese, and served with chips and a pickle. We all remarked that we’d probably never eaten burgers in our bikinis, but whatever, we were on “vacation” for the day.


The rest of the afternoon was spent sipping sangria, having Miller time, discussing girl things, reading trashies (US Weekly etc) and jumping in the pool once or twice. The place did get pretty busy, so if you are planning on coming and want a chaise get there by 1pm at the latest. The only con was that the DJ music was a little loud. The tunes he played were good, but it would have been hard to take an afternoon nap! To commemorate the inaugural pool day we snapped a group shot at the end.


See you Sunday. We’ll have a fun day.

Photo Credits: Kathleen’s Canon Powershot, Lottie’s Cord

Every week Kathleen and I have a special date in which we watch the Real Housewives of NYC and discuss how Alex is smart, Jill is gaudy, Ramona has crazy eyes, etcetc. Now that the NYC season has ended we’ve moved on to Dirty Jerz, which is even more cheesy, but what can I say, I.LOVE.IT.

So, it was much to my excitement when I learned today on Gawker that Bravo just announced a Real Housewives of Washington DC. Ever since Obamie came to office DC is apparently “trendy” (I beg to differ), but hey, this will be awesome, according to the press release:

A place for power and politics, Bravo is scouting the D.C. area to identify the city’s alluring and discriminating residents, those women who have their pulse on the most important cultural events, political galas, gallery openings and fundraisers in Washington society. These leading members of D.C. society are in the know and comfortable discussing everything from the economy to high fashion. They are the talk of the town in the most powerful city in the world.

Here is what I think, first off, there’s NO WAY any real power players wives will actually be able to be on this show, they would not submit themselves to that. I mean look at the “characters” from episodes past, nobody of real importance is on the show, Kelly Beensomeone? I mean COME ON. Plus, DC doesn’t really have many cool soirees, been there done that, unless it’s me, Barack, Michelle and Hedi and Spencer out for a night of dancing at Marvin’s, it ain’t that cool. So, here is my idea of who the characters will be. Enjoy and please know that this is all fictional and funny, I’m not really trying to stereotype DC…

Foreign Diplomats Wife: A foreign hottie who has been in the USA long enough to know about the show. This will be a leap for BRAVO, but necessary given DC is such a totally cool mixing pot!  Probably from a South American Country or Persian, but will be totally hot and have big hair (if Persian will be liberal and no veil,obvs). The fact that her husband is a “diplomat” will be VERY played up (think Count and Countess from NYC), but he’ll probably hold a position of minor importance, such as the receptionist. That said she will have 1 to 2 young children enrolled in the Washington International School, Macomb Street Campus, and will probably live in a rented house in the Cleveland Park/Van Ness area on a side street. Will film scenes at Zatinya because she is friends with the Chef (they met in ESL class) and go to benefits at embassies and will most def drive a car with a “Diplomat” license plate and mention it every chance she gets.

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McLean Mom: Husband is high up in the Government and will lead viewers to believe he has some high clearance job, maybe at the CIA, but will really just work for OPM or HUD. Graduated from JMU or Radford (side note, is that REALLY a college website, Gheeettooo) and lives in a large McLean McMansion next to Colin Powell or a Saudi Prince and will go to exclusive soirees at said houses. Def has met Obama (ie got to shake his hand at a free rally in Fairfax that she waited 6 hours to attend) and went to one of the inaugural balls. She won’t stop talking about it, even though balls are cash bar and Obama stayed at each for 5 minutes. Children are High School age and go to Langley, defiently has son who plays Lacrosse (will film a scene at a game). And OMG she will be on the board of some charity and throw a soiree that Reps from the 63rd district of IL and other obscure politicians attend. Diplomat’s Wife will try and invite cool ambassadors, but they will decline.

Chevy Chase Princess: Comes from Old Money, but Richard from Gawker will make up awesome stories about her that rival Luanne’s escapades in the early 80′s. She was born and raised in Chevy Chase and lives on a very lovely street near Bloomingdales and Saks in a house her parents bought for her when she married high school sweetheart from St. Albans (she went to NCS, obvs) who also came from money and works at family lobby shop (think Ramona’s hubs, but a lobbyist instead of  jewelry designer). Actually does have some cool connections and got invited to a party at the White House once, so that they will be able to film an episode there (probably during the Christmas open-house that the Dems will actually get to attend this year and gawk at Michelle’s non-denominational holiday decorations). Has a few kids who also attend NCS and St. Albans and is VERY active on the PTA’s of both. Will probably be asked to step down from them once on the show, but Kathleen CAN’T WAIT to see them filming at least one scene near the Cathedral.

Georgetown “Scenester” Wannabe: This will be the one single lady on the show and will probably live in a trendy apartment in an “up and coming” neighborhood (ie Anacostia or the H St Ghetto). She has actually done pretty well in her career, first starting out as a hill staffer and now working for a media outlet of sorts, probably in a upper management role, but not an exec of course, or how else would she have time to be on the show and sleep with powerful men? Had an affair with a Senator or other politician when she first moved to DC after graduation, but didn’t get a book deal because Jessica Cutler already beat her to the punch. However, she does have a cool blog, which is how Bravo producers found her. Definitely dates some rich DC dudes and has def slept with Michael Saylor and is friends with K St Kate (who will probably weasle her way into some scenes since she is like so important and was Ms. DC  2003 or something) and Pamela of the Punch. Wannabe will def take us to some of the totes cool parties both ladies review on their blogs, such as Fashion for Paws (I just threw up in my mouth). Also was a frequent attendee of the Gryphon Room (until she got kicked out when they realized she was 37) and has been on “The List” at Smith’s Point for like 6 years. Will definitely be filmed out on a date at the Rookery.

Alexandria Poser: The most insignificant of the bunch. Got on to the show because she worked with Georgetown Scenester 5 years ago (as her assistant). Now is a “working” mom and has two young kids who go to (gasp) public school in Alexandria. Shops on King Street, Pentagon City and Tyson’s Galleria (but only when there is a sale) and mostly at Loehmann’s in Falls Church. Does have a fun group of Alexandria friends and a nanny who are on the show every once in awhile drinking margaritas in their Alexandria backyards. Hot husband, but thinks she’s still 25 and accidentally gets too drunk at the White House party which makes Chevy Chase Princess supes mad and they get in a fight over lunch at Carlyle Grand in Arlington and she is just like “evs.” Works from home for a Government Contractor, husband just plays a lot of golf. Her and Georgetown Scenester will most def take a weekend trip to Dewey Beach and try to make it exclusive, but it will fail miserably and episode will be cut.

I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

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