Today I woke up in my steamy studio to the buses rolling by and the birdies singing, but one thing was missing, Marc. To calm the ache in my bosom I immediately turned on the Today Show and made some french vanilla coffee ( I still haven’t tried the Southern Season vanilla). Meredith Viera was talking about Lasik eye surgery, and as I mentioned before, I don’t think I’ll be the best candidate, because my prescription changes often. The most wonderful part of my morning routine was using my Supersolano Hairdryer to make my hair nice and shiny. In Morocco they were non-existent and in Spain the one in Malaga was so subpar I wanted to cry. So you can imagine my satisfaction as I tousled my hair and dried it to perfection.

I took the bus to work which was not as busy as the one in Barcelona and was of course the second person in the office. I checked my mountains of email to find I had not missed much and got back into my regular routine of g-chatting, drinking my coffee and doing some intermittent work. The highlight of my morning was clearly my maple nut oatmeal with frozen blueberries and telling everyone about my trip. Pretty much the whole office had been reading Marc’s blog and those who hadn’t soon got on the train. They can’t wait to see and smell my navy ballet flats.

During lunch I made my way to Clarendon for a visit to Barnes and Noble to purchase The Eyre Affair for book club and visit Whole Foods for some much needed provisions. I bought a chicken caesar wrap, some chicken, asparagus and mushroom salad, milk, fruit and yogurt, totaling about $20. YES I was back in America. Back at work I wolfed down my sandwich and had a somewhat uneventful afternoon in which my seasonal allergies got bad…

After a ride home by a coworker, what a treat, I sat around in my steamy apartment and tried to figure out the best way to cool it down to no avail. I think I have given up. I received my tax returns in the mail which made the heat a little more bearable. After chugging water and eating my whole foods for dinner I began to ready my self for a night on the town with Elise. My new boobie top that I had no chance to wear abroad was out in full force at Local 16.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Local 16 for once because we scored three seats right at the bar and drank vodka, soda and grapefruit juice cocktails, drinking in the summer-like weather (and our drinks of course). After major girl gossip and 2 more cocktails we decided it was time for some jumboslice, as I needed to be fully re-conditioned to American society. Despues de some artery clogging we made our way to The Reef, where my coworkers were bidding adieu to a fallen comrade who is journeying to another job. I mingled and socialized and Elise and her boyfriend went home. Eventually I made the short walk back though the clogged streets to my apratment. SCORE my house is so close. Once home I opened the windows, turned on the fan to full speed, put on my earplugs and went to bed (only using the sheet, no duvet, obvs) and dreamed of my love across the Atlantic and Adriatic.