I had a little trouble with jet-lag this morning. I woke up at 6am and was finally triumphant in the powder room and then awoke again at 7:30, had to get up and look at curtains on Crate and Barrell and then managed to fall back asleep until 10am, marvelous. My apartment was steamy even with the windows open and an outdoor temp of 66 degrees, WHAT GIVES? I made some coffee and iced it, much needed due to steamy surroundings and ate some amazing Kashi Vive probiotic cereal with yogurt and blueberries in my new Morroccan bowl.

After my morning meal I went to the bank to deposit my checks and get some quarters for the washing machines, as I no longer have the luxury of free washing at 2123 California St NW. After my errands I began to minimize the 70% of used up space on my DVR with an episode of The Office. Hilarity ensued per usual during a dinner party Michael and Jan hosted at their condo.

After this most fulfilling post-writer strike experience I decided to fill my brain with something of a more intellectual genre. I lubed up with SPF 15 and went to the roof of my apartment for the very first time since I’ve moved here to read The Eyre Affair. My roofdeck was actually quite pleasing, with three chaises and a bunch of other chairs. I plopped down in a chaise, angled myself towards the sun, took in the striking DC views (though not as striking as Fes) and read my face off for about two hours.

My book contains many classical literay references which makes the novel very pleasing to a well read white person such as myself. I was quite pleased when the protagonist went to the Chesire Cat Pub and ordered a Vorpal special, after being asked why a raven is like a writing desk. Do you get it? I did.


Once I made some substantial headway in the book I decided to go to the new Target extravangaza on Columbia Road. It was time for curtains. I have simply had enough light spilling into my apartment and now that summer is near, so some curtains will also help to keep the heat out. My goal was to spend as little as possible, yet achieve the feat of light blocking. Impossible? Perhaps. So I gathered my coupons and went out into the fray.

After about an hour and a half, which involved a few unrelated purchases of sunscreen, hair elastics, L’Oreal Sublime Bronze and a free tropical smoothie I was about to give up my pursuit when low and behold I discovered Wamsutta Blackout Curtains and spring tension curtain rods (so as to avoid screwing things with tools) at Bed Bath and Beyond. I was able to buy everything at a 20% discount with my coupons, which will please Carole greatly (note: their coupons NEVER expire, one of mine was from December 2007, accepted). The curtains are simple, but hopefully will be astetically pleasing, even if they aren’t custom drapes from Room and Board. Tune in tomorrow for the trials and tribulations that will be their instllation.

Tonight the world is my oyster. I am on my way to MINT. Then, I may continue to read and delve into my DVR or even go out in Georgetown. All the while, thinking of my Boo.