This morning I did my usual Birkner Sunday routine, breakfast (oatmeal in Moroccan bowl #2) and SNL. It wasn’t new last night, so I watched one from when I was gone. The highlight was a Top Chef spoof, Padma didn’t have a scar though, I thought it would have been a funny, albeit mean, touch. I also did some laundry, so domestic and efficient. Around noon I met Lindsey for brunch at Open City. The wait was only 30 minutes, a record. I had a chorizo scramble, which was amazing, I just love American brunch food. Sadly, during brunch I missed a call from my boo, and he never called back like he said he might… My heart aches. His head probably aches, from Croatian beer, which he was drinking instead of calling me back.

Once home again it was time for curtain madness. First I assembled the rods.

Then I hung the things, and they were so ugly I wanted to barf, though they did block out the light. As you can see from the dark photo below. They are definitely more meant as a back drape for other curtains, not really stand alone decor. I only had to hang one set to reach the sad conclusion.

It was time to re-assess the situation. After an extensive web search of my other options I took the ugly things down, packed them up and headed to Bed Bath and Beyond to return them. On the way I stopped at a store that shall not be named (you’ll see why in a moment) to purchase some balloon shades. They had just what I wanted and they were still in their shipping package, so what should have been one pack, was actually two. Once at the register I “accidentally” did not point this out, and to my utmost delight, got two for the price of one.

On the way home I also stopped at Teeter to buy some groceries for the week. Nothing too exciting, but strawberries were two for one, just like my balloon shades. American grocery stores are better than ones in Morocco, but Corte has them beat on the Jamon thing. At the checkout I asked for paper to save the planet, and the cashier did the worst bagging job this side of the Mississippi, my bag didn’t even make it out of the store before ripping. Thanks.

To redeem themselves for the bag mishap, the gods of Teeter gave me a SWEET parking spot right outside the apartment, so I didn’t have to carry the groceries Home Alone style (ya know the scene where Kevin’s bag breaks) back to my abode.

Immediately, after putting the Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns in the freezer, I began the ballon shade hanging process, they look okay. Honestly I don’t like them much and probably will return them. I think I either need to spend some money on good blinds, or have none at all. They will block out a little light, but probably not enough to make them worthwhile, even at the 2 for 1 price.

After crying about my failed curtain quest and doing some domestic activities I cuddled up with my book. There are 150 pages to go before Tuesday. Finally the apartment has cooled off a bit, but the pollen has come with it, and my allergies are HORRIBLE. I think I would trade them for a week of tagines. On a more happy note, I got a prompt reply from Itunes customer service about the movie I rented for our trip. It was of poor quality and they refunded me and wrote a very nice note. Thanks Apple, for being awesome as usual