The week of “Where in the World is Matt Lauer” has commenced and guess where he stopped first. Buenos Aires Argentina! Matt told us about the city while standing in front of the Obelisk and took us from the Pampas to Patagonia. We need to go back there, rapido. The clue for tomorrow’s destination is this:

“The people in our second destination are accustomed to being looked down on…we’ll let the winds lead us to them…and we should get there on time…unless we stop for the lights.”

I am really not sure, somewhere that people fly over a lot? And definitely on the water. After tearing myself away from Matt and making my way to work I was greeted with some wonderful news. Since one co-worker with a window cube had left, I asked if I could move to it, and our boss said yes! The cube is much larger, the desk is bigger and I’m right next to the window. Supposedly it gets quite cold there in the winter, but I say, vale la pena.

Since my weekends are now Boo-booless I am planning some trips. Next weekend Dana and Melinda come for Goldcup, and the weekend after that Mom decided I should come to Charleston for Genny’s graduation. Then, for Memorial Day Melinda and I are going to have a NYC extravaganza. If the weather is good this will almost solely involve rooftop BBQ’s and tanning in central park (with water-bottles full of mimosas). If the weather is poor we will be cultural and go to museums and movies (with water-bottles full of hot rum toddy’s).

It was Monsoon raining here on and off today, since I left the windows open all day, I feared my apartment may be mildly flooded, but to my delight the only remnant was some water on the windowsill. You can barely see it.

Also, the Jetta, in its sweet parking spot, wanted to say hi. Can you see her? In front of that ugly Honda Element.

After doing some organizing I decided since the rain had stopped it was time for a run. My behind looked really good in my shorts, I had to document.

Post run I made some spaghetti and frozen meatballs from Trader Joes. I was just about to bite into my featst when Katherine called. She had arrived for our Gossip Girl double screening. As I ate and drank some Pinot Noir, Katherine and I watched two episodes of Gossip Girl and one episode of The Hills. All the while finishing the vast majority of the Pinot Noir.

Once Katherine left I began the daunting task of emptying half my closet. Apartment 402’s fan is being whack, and the way to get to it, is through Apartment 404;s closet, ME (that’s what the scary door is in the ceiling). They tried to fix the problem while I was gone, but there were too many clothes in my closet for them to do anything. I needed to empty it out, for their sake (and my designer wardrobes sake) to fix it.

It actually only took 5 minutes, but the pile is killing me. The fan will be fixed in the AM, and in the PM I will use this opportunity to re-color-code my pants as I put them back in. Now it is time to eat a little more Ben and Jerry’s, watch a spot of tellie, and wash the dishes. UGH, there are a lot I wish I had my Marco to help. There are a lot.