It was sunny this morning! A welcome surprise after two days of rain. I ran to my TV to see where Matt Lauer was today, Amsterdam! “Unless we stop for the lights” in his clue referred to the Red Light District. Tomorrow’s clue is this:

“This country is an anagram of a synonym of a homophone of an even prime number.”

Wow, that’s a lot, I don’t know any countries/cities that are anagrams. Apparently a homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning. Like the Spanish verb “coger” in Spain it means to catch, like “Coger in Autobus” But, if you were in South America it would mean to fuck, and I don’t think I want to coger an autobus anytime soon, that would hurt! There was also a picture of sunset over a body of water as the second clue. It looks like somewhere in southeast Asia.

After getting my Matt fix I donned my Moroccan ballet flats for the first time and stepped out for another day in DC. However, as the day wore on, my feet began to smell a bit like the flats, ie pigeon poop and horse urine. Yumlish. We’re gonna have to air them out a lot more.

Work was the same old. We had a meeting in Ballston and I also began clearing some stuff out of my new cube and organizing some things in my current. I am to move on Thursday afternoon. Once home I checked out the closet situation. It was absolutely filthy from whatever work they had done, I mean come on. I am glad I moved my clothes out. I vacuumed it and wrote a complaint email to our building manager. The idiots could have at least cleaned up their mess, there was even this weird hook thing on the floor.

Wouldn’t they at least have picked that up? And more importantly, what the hell is it?

I was also having a really good hair day all day and it still looked good at 6:38 PM, it was necessary to record my beauty. The picture doesn’t totally do it justice, but just know, it was lookin awesome.

After vacuuming up the closet debris I got my ass to the gym, had a nice workout, and got the elliptical with a TV, SCORE. It’s the little things. Once home I put everything back in my closet, further coding my dresses by season and level of fanciness and choosing a few select items to give to Goodwill.

While I ate dinner I watched two episodes of Jeopardy. During the first episode I was doing really well, I even got the final Jeopardy which NONE of the contestants got. “Which wife of Henry VIII outlived him by 10 years?” This is my forte, it was Anne of Cleves, obvs. Since I was so inspired by my intellect during the first episode I decided to keep score during the second. I got 23 out of 60 right, not bad. After this endeavor my mind was spent, so I poured some Pinot Noir, watched The Hills and SNL and read Elle Magazine, before snuggling into bed. Tomorrow Michelle is coming for dinner and I am going to break out the Jamon. I am looking forward to it immensely.