Sadly I was not swimming in Hvar today, but I did buy some shirts, so that made me almost as happy. Matt was in Laos today. I think he is hitting up every place Marc has been/ is going to go. He was broadcasting from this cool Buddhist temple in the capital, where supposedly some remains of the Buddha, his breastbone to be exact, are buried. Tomorrow’s clue is this:

“So the prime rate you guessed, the red lights you saw through. The anagram even proved easy to chew. In this place you can rock and there’s one heck of a mall. With a turn of the head, different continents call.”

The picture on the site looks a lot like the Golden Gate Bridge, but that would just be too easy, wouldn’t it? I should totally know where “one heck of a mall is” but I bet it’s a play. Like the “national mall” or something like that.

The highlight of my workday was a 1.5 hour lunch trip to Georgetown. Our boss was out, so clearly, we took advantage. Everything was on sale at Banana Republic and I had a $10 gift certificate. I had to buy these two shirts.

Then, it was necessary to go to Anthropologie. When I got those navy blue capris for Morocco I had forgotten my store credit. So, I went back with my store credit, returned the pants, and bought them back with the store credit. They had also gone on sale more ($69 to $29), so I even got the new sale price. Wahoo. I accidentally bought two more shirts, but my mom hasn’t shopped at Anthropologie in awhile, so L.L. Bean treated me. Isn’t the pink one the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!!!

I had a busy afternoon of compiling reports and gchatting. Since said boss was away we all left early. This was a good thing, as I had to don my apron and begin dinner. Michelle was coming over at 6:30.

The Menu:

Appetizers – JAMON, Gruyere, and Water Crackers.

Main Course – Chicken Marsala with Baby Bella Mushrooms, Rosemary Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Red Lettuce Salad with a Maple Balsamic Vinagrette. However, when I went to get my Marsala wine it wasn’t there. I think it might be in North Carolina. I was mad, but we improvised with some of our Pinot Noir instead, PHEW. Also, I forgot to take a pic of it before we ate, here are the leftovers.

Dessert – BEN AND JERRY’S and Strawberries

Drinks – Pinot Noir, per usual.

We girl gossiped late into the evening and drank our wine. It was a lovely day.

(Side note: How do I change my title from “Just another wordpress weblog” to a phrase of my choice? Also, can I change the top color from green to pink?)