Guess where Matt was today, ISTANBUL (or is it Constantinople?). He was broadcasting in front of the Blue Mosque. It looked so cool. I am really jealous my boo is going NEXT WEEK. Just an FYI, to go into the mosque you need to have your shoulders and knees covered, no shorts. Tomorrow’s clue ( and Matt’s last stop) is as follows:

“Many come here to see the natural wonders but the national symbol is for your eyes only.”

Could it be Egypt? We will have to wait and see… As I was leaving the house my hair was again looking good and my pearls were rocking. I snapped a quick shot for my boo.

Today at work was very exciting as I was to move cubes and Tommy had returned from his gay-cation. We caught up over the usual bagels and coffee. During lunch I went to CVS to get a picture frame for a shot I’d printed out on the color printer (shhhh). It’s my favorite one of us.

I also was looking for a Lamp and ended up getting this thing at CVS. It’s almost a lamp, and a candle, and it smells yumlish! Plus, do you really need a lamp in your office with all that yucky office lighting? No. For the majority of the day I buzzed around moving things. I did do some real work too! At 3pm I.T. came to move me to my new cube. It is amazing, all windows on one side, a huge desk, and double the floor space. It was like moving from a 300 square foot studio in Midtown to a penthouse on Park Ave.

To make things even better, we had an Ad/Edit meeting at 4pm, which ended with a Happy Hour. Small appetizers, wine and beer were provided as coworkers from both sides of the neighborhood mingled and socialized. Gautham cut out before the drinking part started, gawd.

It was a beautiful evening, so I walked home from work, stopping at CVS (again) to get some votive candles (you’ll see why soon). After I buzzed around readying for tomorrow’s house-guests (Melinda and Dana for Goldcup) Tommy came over for drinks on the roof. We were wearing the same sweatshirt (different colors, same logo), plus he was tan and wanted his 30 seconds of fame on my blog. Mainly so Perez would see it and sell it to the paps.

We also had test out the Moroccan lantern on the roof. It looked great all lit up, and don’t worry, I put some foil on the bottom so that no wax would spill on to the precious apparatus!

After our time on the roof we needed a few snacks, so I housewife-ed up a plate of Jamon, Queso and crackers, and the rest of my Ben and Jerry’s. Once Tommy left I snuggled into bed. It’s been exactly a week since I’ve been home.