Today was Matt Lauer’s last day of his “Where in the World” segment. His last stop, the Seychelles. They looked beautiful and I was secretly glad it’s not a stop on the 80 Days tour as I don’t know if I could bear reading about it!

My work day was nice and low key, just like a Friday should be. I was able to leave at 3:10 to pick up Dana at Dulles. Traffic wasn’t so bad and we made it round trip in about an hour and ten minutes. I gave Dana the grand tour of my apartment and then we immediately headed up to my roof, beers in hand, to enjoy the 83 degree afternoon.

After a lot of lounging we came back down and I showed Dana my blog. I am glad I did, because she told me I’d done my curtains ALL WRONG, and she proceeded to fix them.

Once Dana finished re-decorating we headed to Dupont for dinner. Melinda was en route via the DC2NY bus and wasn’t getting in until late, so sadly we had to dine without her. We went to Bistro du Coin and got the Moules with a light cream and curry sauce. So, delish, AND, neither of us spilled any on our shirt.

We met Melinda in the circle and stopped at Larry’s on the way home. The ice cream gauntlet was in full force and I had to explain the process to Melinda and Dana before we entered. They got an A+. I got cinnamon oatmeal. My first of the season. Once home we had some more drinks and hit the sack.

Tomorrow three girls need to shower and get dressed up before the cab comes at 8:30 AM, it’s going to be an early morning.