We woke up early and donned our party dresses for a day at the races. All 3 of us manged to get ready before 8:30am, quite a feat! Our dresses looked so pretty hanging out together before we put them on.

The bus left from Front Page, but instead of the PartyDC chaos it was just a group of 110 Bates, Dartmouth and Gettysburg grads, along with their friends. Our tent was on the North Rail, right near university row and the Town Hall tent. We ran into Julia, Zirinsky, Bennet and Heather, all the while looking cute.

I drank, I frolicked and had an all around good time. The weather was beautiful and we came home nice and tan and dehydrated. Our bus driver missed the Ballston exit 2 times (it is exit 71 for future reference, that’s 17 backwards), he got it right on the third thanks to my direction skills a-thank-you-very-much.

Once back we domed some Five Guys, mainly because the food at Goldcup was layman and we were starved. Then we passed out, watched TV, drank a lot of powerade and passed out again. A lovely little Saturday.