Since we crashed around midnight I woke up this morning before 10am to a lovely sunny spring day. Melinda, Dana and I met Michelle at Open City for brunch. I think it’s my new weekly spot. After waiting only 20 minutes (a new record?) we got a lovely table under the patio roof with a nice spring breeze. I ordered an iced mocha and French toast. It got maybe a 4 on my French toast rating scale, with Johnny’s Crunchy French Toast being my ultimate 10 and the toast to which all are compared.

After brunch we were very close to the zoo so we followed the strollers up Connecticut Ave. Starting with the Asia walk we saw the panda and some weird cats.

The panda was being so so cute and eating bamboo, typical. I am not sure if it was the baby (now all grown up) or his Mommy or Daddy. You can see him in the background on the right, barely… Or Maybe not.

I can’t visit the zoo without seeing my buddy the Hippo, he’s my fave. He was lounging in the sun and just generally chillin.

We also saw the Orangutans climbing high above the zoo on their monkey wire. It was very cool. During our zoological adventrue I also was able to talk to my Boo who was at the Rome airport, its called Fiumicino (fee-ooh-me-sino), don’t you love Italian words? It was good to hear his voice. He is now in Athens Greece all safe and sound with his Dad.

After seeing animals in captivity we needed a bit of retail therapy so we headed down to Georgetown, hitting up all the usual spots. Miraculously I did not buy anything. My wallet was very proud of me. We left around 4:30 to drop Melinda off at her bus then made our way to Cactus Catina. Dana, Michelle and I were craving some serious Mexican. I got a glass of Sangria, but wish I’d gotten Michelle’s Mango Margarita, it was goodness in a glass. For dinner I ordered enchiladas, per usual.

I drove Dana to Dulles at 7pm and on the way home a deer ran in the middle of the highway. Luckily nobody (including the deer) was harmed. But, I realized why I saw TWO dead deer on the way to pick Dana up Friday, those things really put meaning behind “deer in the headlights.”

Once home I dusted, in anticipation of the air conditioning being turned on tomorrow. I absolutely cannot wait! While I was cleaning I watched Iron Chef. The challenger was the man who created Jaleo in DC and the Iron Chef was Bobby Flay. The secret ingredient was goat and Bobby made goat tagine. No thank you. However, Jaleo chef used Jamon Serrano, he won in my book and also won the challenge.