Cinco de Mayo is not actually Mexican Independence day, that’s September 16th. The great Cinco commemorates Mexico’s victory over the French Army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. However, less than a year later the French forces eventually were victorious and took over the country, under Emperor Maximilian I, who ruled until 1867 when Benito Juarez kicked his French ass off the “throne.” The holiday is not even really celebrated in Mexico. Kinda like St Patrick’s Day.

I woke up early this morning and went for a run, doing my usual Mass Ave loop. Right near the British Embassy I saw a deer eating some flowers, it was absolutely picturesque and this deer was way smarter than that idiot on the highway last night. She should live at least another few weeks I bet. On the way to work I saw a HUGE group of older middle schoolers or young high schoolers outside the Doubletree Hotel. The girls were wearing Tory Burch flats and various J Crew items from the Spring 2008 collection. They had to be from Rye Country Day or another private school equivalent. I was a little jealous.

At lunch I finished “The Eyre Affair” in anticipation of tomorrow’s book club meeting. After work I headed over to Cafe Citron for Linsay’s b-day/Cinco de Mayo celebraciones. It was packed, of course. The music was loud, and the margartias were plentiful. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures as planned, so this post is mostly image-less. I stayed at Citron for about an hour indulging in Mexicano goodness and then headed to Katherine’s for our weekly Gossip Girl screening. The episode was INTENSE to say the least. Next week is going to be killer (no pun intended, you’d get it if you watched).

On my walk home I eagerly anticipated the air conditioning. It was supposed to be turned on today (“supposed” being the key word here) AND IT WASN’T. I was more enojado than the coyote when he can’t catch Speedy Gonzales. Sadly I settled into bed with the windows open and dreamed of better days, when I was deep in the ice cave with my boo.

xoxo Gossip Girl