It was another lovely spring day and I woke early for a morning run. I ran down 18th St to Q St and then down 14th to U. No deer this time, just some post cinco de mayo trasho. On my way to work I stopped for my first Dunkin Donuts iced coffee of the year. Yay for spring. At 10am I had a dentist appointment. I love the dentist, getting my teeth allsparkly clean is the best. They even gave me a full size Glide floss instead of those crappy travel ones that ALWAYS break. Also, I learned that Bob Dole and I have the same dentist, right here in the Watergate. So DC.

During lunch Tommy and I walked to Potbelly. I got a coupon in the mail for a free sandwich or salad, SCORE. So I ordered a salad, great marketing Pbelly, thanks! The rest of the afternoon was kind of fun. I worked on a presentation for a meeting tomorrow that I’m invited to and gave a client some rates, they want to spend a lot, so I’m happy.

Perez had written all about last night’s Costume Institute Gala at the Met, so there were many pictures of celebs in their dresses to stare at, my favorite dress was oddly Katie Holmes (note the alien ears on Tom, courtesy of Perez).

But I thought Giselle looked the sexiest. Youch! Tom Brady looked okay too, I’d do him… mabes.

Someday I too will attend this event, hopefully wearing Missoni. After work Kate drove me to her house on Cap Hill for our first book club. Once Kim got home from work we prepared some wine and cheese. Five of us sat down and began discussing. We talked a lot about the book thanks to the “discussion questions” Kim printed out and generally girl gossiped. A lot of them work on the Hill which sounds fun and kinda like one big school, however, the salaries, no thanks.

After lots of wine and cheese I headed home to the best surprise ever. The air conditioning had been turned on!!!!!!!!!! I blasted it on high and watched Ugly Betty. It was the episode from 4/24 and guess what, Willamina had the same lamp as Marc, this cool one. She actually had two.

I am glad Marc has such stylish taste, but I am also glad he didn’t steal his dead husbands sperm or replace his sisters zantax with fat burning pills. After reuniting with Betty and friends I settled into my very own ice cave for a cool night.