It was so wonderful to wake up nice and cool instead of sweaty, ick. I love AC. Today was pay-day and not just any pay-day, commission pay-day. I kicked ass last quarter and was 29% over my goal (bitches), it was all in this paycheck. To make things even better, the government taxed it at much less than usual. Though I’m sure I’ll pay for it come tax time. All I need now is my “stimulus check” and I’ll be high rolling.

During lunch I went to Trader Joe’s to buy supplies for tonight’s dinner with Michelle. On the menu is either stir-fry or beef stroganoff (TBD) and banana walnut cupcakes with Ina’s cream cheese frosting. I am in charge of the frosting ingredients.

When I was checking out at Trader’s the guy wasn’t double bagging my shizzy. I thought he was going to bag it double at the end, when he didn’t I was like “Ummm can you double bag it.” And he was all huffy and like “I have to re-pack the whole thing.” He did so with a SUPER negative Nancy vibe the whole way through. I think it was the first time in the history of Trader Joe’s that an employee has been pissed at a customer. I gave myself a pat on the back for this groundbreaking achievement.

I left work a little early and headed home. After getting my things together and enjoying the AC for a bit I rode my bike over to Michelle’s. The air in my tires is a bit low so the ride up Connecticut was kind of hard, that or I’m way out of shape…

Michelle made chicken stroganoff, asparagus, and rice. The stroganoff was more of a Brazilian recipe, than your classic beef dish and has a tomato base.

But, the piece de resistance were the banana walnut cupcakes with cream-cheese frosting (oh and the Blue Moon beer). Michelle made the batter and I made the frosting. I was also in charge of putting globs of it on the lil cakes.

Once they were frosted we proceeded to gorge ourselves, and had a lovely time of it. Jess (pictured) was also with us for dinner.

We digested for a bit and looked at pictures on facebook, then packed up a few cupcakes for the road. I biked home, all downhill this time. After watching some Top Chef (I am SO BEHIND) I went to bed dreaming of our little masterpieces.