The words of the day were boring and uneventful. All I wanted was for work to end, so I could go shopping and get to Charleston (tomorrow AM). During lunch I did go to our twice monthly public speaking club called “Headliners.” I was even put on the spot to answer a question. I think I am going to join the club and improve my public speaking expertise. It should be a good way to shake things up. I can even write my speeches in my blog, WOWie.

After work I went to Bloomies and Neimans, both were having sales and I was hoping to get a dress for Callie’s wedding. No dice. I did find two numbers by Milly that were over $300 and absolutely beautiful, but I think I should keep looking. Hopefully I will find something in Charleston this weekend.

Once home I packed and cleaned (my house and my self) and when I got a headache I sat on the couch and watched more Top Chef and a little South Park. On South Park Cartman got AIDS, is there anywhere they won’t go?

My cab for the airport comes at 5:30 AM tomorrow, UGH. But honestly, all I have wanted to do all day is GET TO CHARLESTON, so I don’t mind a bit.