There was a HUGE storm around 5am that most likely woke up the whole city of Charleston. Thunder and lighting were going non-stop, and the rain was pounding at the window. Needless to say, I didn’t have the best sleep. Genny and I woke up at the same time and headed to Bruggers Bagels for some much needed coffee and egg and cheese bagel sandwiches. After talking about celebs for awhile and munching we went back home, lounged and then made our way to Mom and Dads hotel to give Momma our Mother’s Day wishes.

After some family hangout time we went to King Street again and hit up the usual haunts. I got a shirt at Banana Republic that they didn’t have in my size in DC, score. We all walked around and went into a bunch of art galleries on East Bay Street, along the water. I also had to stop by my Boo’s fave store for a pic.

Mom bought a painting by a lady named Reina, she already has one that she bought last time she was here. Both are beautiful little oil paintings depicting Charleston scenes.

We all ate a light lunch at the Charleston Brew Pub, the beer wasn’t cold enough. Afterwards Genny and I got gelato while I talked to my booboo far away in the Greek Isles, my little travelling Odysseus (yes I prefer the Greek terminology to that of the Roman genre), so far from my bosom. Once we were good and full Genny and I watched Lifetime and dozed. Obvs a teen was pregs, who doesn’t get pregs on Lifetime?

My flight leaving Charleston was delayed, and I missed my connection in Atlanta. So, now I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my 11pm flight to leave. It gets into DC at 12:30am and I have to be at our magazine’s annual conference at 6am tomorrow to help with registration. Wahoo. Tomorrow will be a looonnnggg day.