DISCLAIMER: I left my camera cord at Genny’s house. Pictures are forthcoming and will be posted when she sends me the cord. Dilemma

Another Disclaimer: CORD IS HOME WITH ITS MOMMY! Enjoy the pictures!

This morning Genny and I slept in then went to meet Mom and Dad at their hotel. Genny hung out a bit then left us to get ready for graduation. We headed to King Street on a shopping mission: dress for Callie’s wedding. I found the perfect black dress at the first store we went to, Luna. Actually my Mom found it. Since it was the first stop I didn’t want to buy right away, so we put it on hold and hit up the rest of the King Street stores, and when we didn’t find anything better I went back and got it

After our successful shopping mission we all got ready for the graduation. College of Charleston holds their ceremony on the Cistern, their version of a quad. It is beautiful and southern, with Spanish Moss hanging from the trees and the college’s first building, as a backdrop. We had to wait in line for at least 10 minutes and then sit for about 2 hours in the heat.

All the girls wore white dresses and carried roses, all the boys wore white jackets and bow-ties, it was elegant and southern to say the least. All those northern colleges could learn a thing or two from College of Charleston. I mean come on Bates (etc). Even though it was hot and sticky, it was still fun to see Genny walk down the aisle and get her diploma. She didn’t trip!

We left the ceremony a little after Genny’s name was called and went back to the hotel to hydrate. We then met Genny at her house and took the requisite family pictures. Minus Paul. Tear

After our photo shoot the family piled into the PT-Loser (our rental car) and went to the Pavilion Hotel’s roof bar for cocktails. It is probably my favorite bar in the world.

Yup, Genny’s tan is real, and yes, Dad is pale.

Once we had done some champagne toasts and gotten good and liquored up we met more people at Tristan for dinner. The food was delish per usual. I had the red snapper with vanilla foam and butternut squash risotto, WOW. We all paired our choices with a cork free California chardonnay. After dinner we left the parents and me and the graduates went to an array of Charleston drinking establishments, including Social, Wasabi and Mad River (in an old church, we felt bad).

It was a lovely day shared with lovely people.