After going to bed around 1am I awoke 4 hours later at 5am. Readied myself in a flash and drove over to our annual conference downtown. It was raining and I am very glad I opted to drive rather than cab it, as everyone who did cab had a lot of trouble, even when they called ahead. I helped with registration from 6am to 9am and then snuck out.

On the way home I drove down 14th St and made a stop at Whole Foods on P. It was amazing, the Moms weren’t even out yet and the butcher repackaged some chicken for me since he didn’t have to deal with any 30-somthing yuppies. Grocery shopping bliss. I bought some Butter Chicken simmer sauce, that was our favorite dish at Gautham’s Indian fest a few months back, so it will be interesting to see how this compares.

Once home I buzzed around and had a very early lunch at 11:15 am, but when you get up at 5, that’s when you’re hungry. After I took a two hour nap. It was MUCH needed and I was lucky to be able to rest for that long… I also used up the rest of my cream cheese frosting on an angel food cake from Whole Foods. I felt kind of like Sandra Lee from Semi Homemade, eww.

I headed back to the conference at 4ish for the closing reception, mingled with clients and chatted with my co-workers over aps and wine. It was rainy and yucky all day, so once home I snuggled on my couch and watched some shows. It’s rainy days like this that I miss my boo. I wish we were snuggling. was having a 20% off sale, so I looked at pretty much the whole site, but didn’t buy anything, even after trying so hard! After all the online browsing a I took a bath with my new Cinnamon Buns bubble bath and called it a VERY early night.