Today at work was busy, save a long lunch at the Italian Store. I got the usual Roma and only ate a little more than half before wanting to barf. So worth it. It was a beautiful spring day so I even decided to walk home.

Around 4pm Tommy asked if I could play in his kickball game tonight. The team is mostly gays and they didn’t have enough girls for tonight’s game, go figure, I wonder why. I volunteered. Though I did not want to commit to a team this season, a game with WAKA is always fun. They play at the filed right next to MINT, very convenient. I went and had a good workout, met the males at the Gay Diner across from MINT for some beers (actually I was the only one having a beer, the rest were drinking cosmos etc), and then we walked across the street to the field for our 8:45 PM game.

Their team name is the Swamp Donkeys. According to Urban Dictionary this means a fat girl who goes and finds wasted dudes at the end of the night and takes them home to have her way. Sadly we lost, but I did score a point for the team, making it home. It was probably the 5th time in my kickball history that I actually did that. After the game I went to the Diner again for another drink. Absolut Ruby Red and soda. My fave. The owner of the Diner is friends with Tommy and his boyfriend and they all love Hillary, so I had to put on a Hills sticker, sorry.

Once home I read my latest book: Year of Wonders and went to bed.