Today at work was busy busy busy. I have not been to in at least 4 days. Is Ashley Simpson Pregs, did Amy Winehouse OD yet? Don’t ask me. During lunch Katherine and I walked over to Trader Joe’s and then ate outside, the weather was springy and breezy. In the afternoon I got to talk to my boo for like 40 minutes. He had some travel troubles, but gets to stay in his hotels jacuzzi suite for a night. That should be fun!

Once home I did a quick clean and prepared for my dinner guests. Laura and Katherine came over to dine/watch Gossip Girl. We started out with some baked brie and ate the whole thing. Laura has a wonderful recipe. Then we had chicken and salad, with my angel food cake for dessert.  Gossip Girl was awesome. Lisa Loeb was a guest-star and was wearing a dress by Karta that I’d bought and Neiman Marcus and returned. The one in the picture is blue, but I had black.

Glad I didn’t keep it. I would not want to be wearing the same thing as a has-been 90’s rockstar! After the ladies left I did a mound of dishes and watched an episode of The Office. Michael and some of the gang were at a high school career fair, while our fave Cornell grad and Jim were playing golf with a client. Cornell boy drove the golfcart too fast and crashed in the sandpit, it was the hardest I laughed all day.