Today at work was monumental. I am getting a Blackberry, but I have to get a company issued one. In order to do that I also have to apply for a corporate credit card. Is it worth it? Not sure, I’m still deciding, but I have the approval, so that’s half the battle. It will probably be an old school one like this though.

Kate and I had a client meeting during lunch. We went to Jackson 20 in Alexandria. It’s in a Kimpton hotel, but in all honestly the service was poor and the food was okay. I had this fried chicken salad that sounded yummy, but the lettuce was impossible to eat politely and the honey mustard dressing was pretty much just honey mustard right out of the bottle. After lunch we did a quick stop at two cute little boutiques and I bought a necklace that looks like a Van Cleef & Arpels piece. I wish.

This evening Michelle, Jess, myself and a boy named Ryan all went to Lucky Strike. I have heard mixed things about the place, long wait, poor service etc. However, Jess was smart and made a reservation, so we went right in and got our bowl on. Can you guess which player I was, also, notice my speed. I’m in middle school, I am aware.

I probably have not bowled since 1999, so Michelle had to teach me what to do with the balls, she was great. The balls were smooth and I liked putting my fingers in the holes…

After a few rounds I got the hang of it again, my strategy was to focus on the floor when I threw the ball, rather than looking far away at the pins.

Ultimately I was victorious with my strategy. I won the first game – BOO YA. I need to call my Grandma ASAP, she holds the record at her alley for bowling a perfect game. It runs in the family I suppose. Note my winning score!

Here I am in all my  glory with my new friend Ryan. I think I will bowl again sometime.

The night cost $30 total, $20 for bowling and $10 for 2 Cuervo Margaritas. It was totally worth it. I would not say I shall bowl every week. But definitely a few times a year.