I was a good girl last night and stopped drinking after my cranberry/vodka shot, so I wasn’t hungover this AM, just a little tired. Once awake I buzzed around, cleaned the apartment and did a PILE of dishes. As a reward I went up to the roof, tanned a little, and read about how to get into the top MBA programs. Now I need to take the GMAT and get in to school. Fun!

After lunch I picked up Michelle and we drove to Tysons corner for some serious girl errands. I hit up Banana Republic in search of pants, spent about 30 minutes trying on the whole store and found nothing. Marc would have killed me if he had been there. Next, I got a bra and some undies at Victoria Secret. And, the goal of the day was to use my Macy’s coupons on some shoes for Callie’s wedding. Great success.

We ate (well inhaled is more like it) an early dinner at a place in the mall called La Sandia (watermelon en espanol) opened by the owners of Zengo. It was another Rosa Mexicano type place, but my tacos al carbon and mango lemonde were maravilloso. I would def go back.

On the way home we also stopped at Trader Joe’s. Very productive, but very exhausting. I took a late afternoon nap. Around 8pm Michelle and I headed over to Rachel and MScott’s house for a little pre-game action. Meghan, Claire and Rachel’s co-worker joined as well. The boys were also there, but they were grilling and had cooties. We stayed inside. It was girls night.

At about 10:30 we headed to The Park, a trendy new club that we had all secretly been wanting to go to, but have heard mixed stories about getting in. Apparently we showed up at the right time. There is no “line” at The Park, you just stand around until the bouncer lets you in. Well, we were hot and were let in as soon as we walked up to the red carpet (yes there is a red carpet area in the front). Of course, we were quite giddy and happy at this outcome and had a blast being trendy and swank.

The place was absolutely perfect for a girls night and I would go back again. 10:30 was the perfect time to go because it wasn’t packed just yet, but filled up about 10 minutes after we arrived. The $9 drinks were just fine considering the atmosphere.

After being posh we decided to take it down a notch in Adams Morgan. I stayed for a drink or two (it’s a bit blurry)…

Finally, I headed home and snuggled in to bed (after sending some drunk emails).