I donned my Tory Burch flats this AM and headed to work. Even though I had a good nights sleep I was still tired. Effects of the $5 Cuervo Margs I am sure. Our Boss was out, so we all called it an early day. I took a quick nap and dragged myself to the gym, then showered and readied for dinner party #2 of the week. All I do is entertain, life is so hard.

Michelle and Jess came over and we made some pasta with chicken and broccoli in a light rose cream sauce. Cream sauce recipe was courtesy of my brother Paul, a recent addition to the USC class of 2011. It came out marvelously. We all so made some Absolute Ruby Red vodka cocktails.

Kim and Kate joined us after we ate, then Katherine came over too. We were all wearing the requisite Friday night uniform of black tops and jeans.

First stop after my apartment was Napoleon where we were joined by some other friends. I had a Rose of the Ritz, champagne with Chamboard and something rosey. It was delish.

Then, somebody had the marvelous ideas to do shots. I was too pussy to do a full shot of belvedere, so I had the bartender mix it with some cranberry.

Next we went to a few Adams Morgan hot spots. Two places I’ve never been: 18th and Red and Chole. Both were clubby and we grinded with foreigners from MD. Don’t worry I didn’t dance too close.

Around 3am we got some jumbo slice/ M’Dawg (no I didn’t use the coupon) and called it a night.