My two nights of going out caught up with me bad. I wasn’t able to sleep late at all. UGH. I made some major coffee, watched last night’s SNL. Steve Carell was the host, but the only funny skit was a “Japanese” version of The Office. I took a nap at 11am UGH again, then did laundry and watched more TV.

Liza and I met up in the afternoon for a baking extravaganza. We were going to a “potluck” at Zanne and Jason’s (I got it right) and had to make a dish. We bought some fresh blueberries, raspberries and strawberries at Whole Foods. For our triple berry pie. I also had the brilliant idea to make ice cream. You can’t have pie without ice cream, and home-made is even better.

We made the dough by hand and rolled it out.

And, the ice cream maker was in full force, though it missed its Dad.

While the pie was baking we caught up and watched some TV. Then, carried our pie down 18th street and Columbia Road to Zanne and Jason’s house. It was of course a hit and complements were abound. The other dishes were guacamole and tacos. Not much variety, but very yummy!

The ice cream went with it so so so well. I just used a simple recipie of sugar, heavy cream, and vanilla.

Zanne’s baby bump was rather large, she’s due in August. Some other little kiddies came over too, when you’re expecting I guess you have to start hanging with other parents. Luckily Rachel, Liza, Meghan and I talked about blacking out, drinking etc, instead of diapers and bottles.

Once home I caught up on my bloggie, took a tylenol PM, and passed the eff out.