This morning I slept in until 8am, it was absolutely divine and I sure needed it after my weekend. Those days of drinking heavily are over for me. I drove to work, which took two seconds (or 8 minutes) and had a pretty busy day. Tommy and I did Potbelly for lunch, MMMMMM.

I had some major catching up to do on Perez. Ashlee Simpson and her BF Pete Wentz got married this weekend. They are a really weird couple. Maybe Marc and I can start wearing matching eyeliner too, that would be so cute.

After work I went for a run. It was windy out and the air was refreshing. On my run I noticed that a building right near me has a pool. I am so sneaking in come summer. Once I ran I rushed over to Mt. Pleasant to the Turning Point Transitional Housing program to play with kiddies whose Mommas are young and pregnant.

While we play with the kids, they take various classes. Meghan was the one who introduced me to the volunteer program, so she was there too. This place was so much better than the shelter in DC I went to and there were less kids.

Precious and I played Barbies, and then Zahira and I did some coloring. They all love to shout out Poopoo and Peepee at any given moment. I guess it’s better than swearing, but honestly, if they want to be funny, there are so many better things they could say! Poopoo and Peepee are so 1990’s. Gawd.

Once home I made some Trader Joe’s shumai and watched an episode of Desperate Housewives.