Today I had to get a cavity filled. UGHS. Apparently I did not get my teeth re-sealed in my teens and I have deep ridges and roots, so I get a cavity even with using my Sonicareand flossing every day. Thanks genes. It wasn’t bad, but the whole right side of my face was numb for about 4 hours. No fun.

While I was de-numbing and couldn’t eat I browsed Callie’s wedding registry. With the help of my coworkers, we settled on some Kate Spade Library Stripe Martini glasses.

They can think of me every time they make stiff martinis. Perfect.

Since I bought something for someone else, I needed something for me also. Especially after being such a big girl at the dentist. Thanks to a South Moon Under email coupon I went to their site and found this gorgeous dress by C&C California, at 20% off, it was a steal. I hope it fits!

Once home I began preparing the crust for my Barefoot Contessa Pecan bars. Laura’s birthday is tomorrow and Kate’s is Monday, so I’m being a lovely friend and bringing in some treats to work. In between baking I went to Advanced Pilates Class at MINT. I have not been to pilates in awhile, but I know the drill and figured I should give advanced a whirl. It was wonderful. The class ended up being only me and one other girl, so we got a TON of one-on-one time. The teacher is spectacular, though I did have trouble performing the Jack Knife. I always do.

After my abdominal extravaganza I made some chicken with parsnips. On Top Chef the other week the Italian girl made a roasted chicken dish, so i copied her and seared the chicken for a few minutes, then roasted it with the parsnips. The resulting dish was yumlish. 

While the chicken was roasting I continued with the pecan bars, making the goo. It’s a lot like sticky bun goo: butter (4 sticks), brown sugar, cream, honey and of course pecans!

They came out really well. I can’t wait to eat them tomorrow! Moo.