Thursday, FINALLY. One more day until the long weekend. I had to wake up at 6am for a breakfast event in Rockville, MD. Barf on a stick. I made it through and was at work around 10am. The day was busy, save a morning cupcake/champagne punch break for Laura’s birthday. I had to head downtown for a client meeting in the afternoon, but still managed to leave early.

Once home I packed for my NYC trip and cleaned the apartment. At 7 I made my way over to Bucca di Beppo for Laura’s birthday dinner. I have never actually been to Bucca to sit and eat, just take-out, so I was excited at the prospect. The place is full of so much schwag they could open their own bazaar. However, it’s schwaggy in a great way. You also get to walk through the kitchen on your way to the tables.

We had the honor of sitting at the Pope’s table, a semi private room decorated with Papa paraphanalia, and a huge round table, with the Pope in the middle and a large chair, clearly the Pope’s (or birthday girls) seat.

Amazing to say the least. The meal was good, they do their classic Italian well, and the final price was right on target, even with the chilled burgundy wine, which was a little gross, chilled, and grape juice-ey.

At home I watched a bit of the Netflix I’ve had for way too long, 27 Dresses and then went to bed. However. I was awoken at 12am by the loud neighbors, it was not cool and I finally took the plunge, knocked on their door, pleasantly told them to be quiet. And by golly! It worked. I’m not scared of them anymore.