Today was cloudy, but hot and humid, a brief preview of the DC summer that is to come. Work was super busy and Sue invited me to lead ALC’s Mexico trip this summer. I wish I could drop it all and just do it. We’ll see. At lunch I was absolutely craving cool ranch Doritos, I bought some at Safeway and they hit the freaking spot.

After work I went over to Tiffany & Co in Friendship heights. On the way home from NYC my ClearCare contact solution leaked in my toiletry bag. It spilled on some of my jewelry and the hydrogen peroxide in the solution reacted with the silver turning it a very tarnished grey. It looked like they’d been excavated from King Tut’s tomb and I was upset. Too upset to even take a “before” picture for the blog.

I also called CIBA Vision customer service hotline and asked to speak to a chemist, maybe they could give me some tips. However, no such request was granted, but the lady was super nice and told me about the chemical reactions that clean my contacts and perhaps why it could have tarnished the silver. Did you know my contact case contains a small layer of platinum. Yeah, I roll high.

Once I brought the jewelry to Tiffany’s, the customer service man told me they’d be able to clean them no problem, they just need to use a chemical solution, rather than the regular polish. It was so cool, maybe I should switch careers and become a chemist?

Finally, after a quick stop at Barney’s Co-Op I got home, went to MINT. Then I tried on my new dress and necklace from South Moon under. I had to take two pictures to capture it all. I need to get a camera stand…

It looked great with my gladiator sandals purchased in NYC.

For dinner I had the rest of my Thaiphoon Pad See Yew, made an Absolut Grapefruit Cocktail, and watched the season finale of Desperate Housewives. OMG, intense.