Work was just crazy. We had a big client meeting today and had to do a lot of prep. I also had to catch up on 3 days worth of Perez. Luckily I didn’t miss anything too big. The meeting took up the bulk of the afternoon and I caught the bus soon after I returned to the office.

I went right to MINT from work for Advanced Pilates. This time the class was three people, still awesome, still a great workout. The teacher will never be Linda from Longfellow, but she is so great and really helps me with the hard positions. I am elongating and doing all the moves correctly now! I never knew I could raise my chest so much in a push-up position.

Once home I caught up on some work emails and decided to make some maple walnut ice cream. I used a Emeril recipe from food network. It included milk, cream and eggs, which are always a little hard to work with. First I accidentally curdled the milk and cream. I mean what is a “steady boil” come on Emeril. Then, I think the mixture was too hot and the eggs cooked a little. Luckily the recipe said to strain it at the end, otherwise it would have been maple walnut egg chunk ice cream, gross. I reluctantly let the mixture chill, threw it in the mixer, and held my breath for 30 minutes while it mixed…

In the meantime I candied some walnuts for the topping, ate a salad and even had a short conversation with my lover far away in China. He was just starting his day. To my surprise the ice cream came out great, no egg chunks or cream curdles. You could really taste the 3/4 cup reduced grade-a maple syrup and the 3/4 teaspoon of maple extract. I added the walnuts and froze it for a little.

As I waited patiently for it to freeze some more I began to read the Kaplan GMAT course book, courtesy of my little rice ball Marco-ze-dong. Barf, this is going to be hard. I didn’t even remember what an integer was. When my head started to ache after about an hour(ish) I dug into the maple goodness.

And boy did it hit the spot!

I dreamt of ice cream parties, sugarplum fairies, and princesses!