Today at work were the annual Chairman’s Awards. At 1pm we all ended our workdays and headed to the Kennedy Center to attend the ceremony. Winners are nominated by their peers and awards are given out in a number of categories. Since I’m not old enough or cool enough to win one of these, I always look forward to the after-party. This year’s festivities commenced at 3pm on the lawn behind our office building.

The theme of the party was Spanish, they must have known I’d be there. With Manchengo, Paella Balls (yeah odd, but they were good), skirt steak, chorizo, gazpacho and shrimp. My company don’t mess. Then for dessert there were churros and chocolate, dulce de leche, and some other fine sweets. Most importantly they served white sangria, various Spanish beers, and champagne. I had around 3 glasses of cool fruity white sangria. It hit the spot on this beautiful late spring day.

We drank and socialized until 5pm, then went on our merry ways. I called up Michelle, as I was happy and buzzed and didn’t want to end my night. She met me at Bistro Du Coin, where we had some mussels and, you guessed it, pinot noir. After that we really didn’t want to go home, so we headed to Russia House and had some Baltica #8’s and a TON of girl talk.

As we were leaving Russia House Jess called. So we met her at Gazuza, had a passion fruit martini, and a mixed fruit hookah. YUM, the hookah hit the spot and we called it a night around 10:30. I’d be drinking on and off from 3pm to 10pm, wow, what a day, almost like college, yet I wasn’t tanked — great success. Once home I read my book club book “Beautiful Boy” and went to bed.