Even though I slept in I was still tiredtiredtired, whoops. I caught the late bus and rolled into work around 9:15. During the lunch hour (2 hours in my case) I met Kate and Maggie for our bi-monthly “Future Ladies Who Lunch” meeting at Rugby Cafe. We’ve all secretly wanted to try it, and I mean is there a more ladies-who-lunch spot than the preppiest cafe in Georgetown, I think not. I had a Mozzarella and Basil Panini with a side salad. When being a lady who lunches your meal automatically has to include salad.

Conversations ranged from our upcoming charity benefit (winefest) to our summer houses in the Hamptons (how to sneak into the Hilton pool) and of course our cheating husbands (you better not be making out with an Asian booboo, I’ll kill ya). After dining we decided to be totally bad ass and shop. I found a great shirt at Anthropologie, but they didn’t have my size. Once back at work I ordered it online. It’s flowy and summery and has a pattern. I am trying to avoid solids, I already have too many.

After my two hour lunch I made it back to work, finished up my stuff, and left around 5. I headed to Tiffany’s to pick up my jewelry, with a stop at Saks and Banana on the way. I didn’t let myself buy anything, just browsed. To my delight Tiffany had gotten the contact solution stains out of my stuff, oh how it shines.

Once home I popped on my Lulu shorts and went for a run on my favorite Massachusetts Ave loop. Exhausted I made some dinner and watched TV, calling it an early night. I have to rest up for winefest tomorrow!