I went for a run this morning, as I knew I’d be doing a number on myself at winefest. After exercising and getting ready I met Laura at Starbucks. We got our lattes and headed to Clarendon Grill to meet the buses (and also Jess, Melissa, Maggie and Sadler). After waiting around for awhile (typical party DC event) we finally boarded the bus and were off.

We got to the festival around 12pm and immediately began tasting. After about 45 minutes of wine bliss the sky looked ominous and rain drops began to fall. Luckily, Melissa had made friends with Dave at West Wind Farm Vineyard and Winery, way up in Ole’ Virginny. We weathered the storm under the tent with Dave and his brother, and of course plenty of wine.

When the storm passed we tasted some more. My favorite were the Viognier’s. Did you know, that even though Viognier is a native French grape it grows better in Virginia than anywhere else in the world! Who knew. Sadly, after about 30 minutes it started to rain again, but luckily we were tasting with Doug Fabbioli of Fabbioli Cellars. He let us come under the tent and again, we drank away the storm.

After the second monsoon the clouds were finally gone, so we got some cheese fries and a bottle of red, what a good lunch. Eventually we had to board the bus back to DC, but I think we were ready. I’ve had enough wine for at least a few days.

Paul and I timed things perfectly. As soon as the bus pulled into Clarendon, so did Paul’s red pickup truck. He is en route to Charleston and wanted to stop and visit me. We drove back home, I drunk chatted his butt off, and then we went to dinner at Cashion’s Eat Place. The location is unbeatable (across the street) and the food is anything but normal. I had an asparagus soup, Paul had the Maryland she crab soup (when in Rome) and for my main course I had halibut with jamon serrano. Paul got the most amazing duck ever. He won.

After dinner my energy was gone and we both passed out around 11:30. We have a lot to do tomorrow, Paul has basically never been to DC!