Paul and I woke up at about the same time and decided to go for a run. I took him on my usual Mass Ave loop, so he could see all the embassies. The weather was perfect and I pointed everything out to him, he especially liked the British Crest atop their embassy. After our run we decided to go to brunch at Logan Tavern. It was early enough that we even found a spot in the Whole Foods parking garage.

We obvs didn’t have to wait (again, the early factor) and inhaled our coffee, french toast (Paul), and omelet (me). We also talked to Mom, but missed Marc’s call (tear). Afterwords, we took Whole Foods by storm with the LLBean Visa. Paul is making veal chops and mushroom risotto for dinner, and I’m in charge of the berry cobbler for dessert. I also bought some sundries and weekly staples, like $8 a lb chicken salad and mango salsa. MMM.

We made a quick stop at home to unload the groceries and play the guitar, then headed for the memorials.

Paul’s 8th grade trip to DC was cancelled, since it was like 3 years after September 11th and terrorists wanted to attack Wayland Middle School 8th graders, so he had never even seen the monuments! We started with the Lincoln Memorial then made our way to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, and stopped to take some pictures at the World War II Memorial. Paul was moved by everything. It was fun to watch him see it all for the first time.

After the photo shoot we went to the Korean War Memorial and hopped back in the Jetta to drive across the bridge to Arlington Cemetery. I had not been there since 8th grade when Beth and Dan were the 8th graders chosen to put a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, so it was almost new to me too. We made it just in time to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns. The soldiers wore patent leather shoes that they clicked together, super fun. We also stopped by Kennedy’s tomb with the eternal flame.

After that we of course had to hit up the Iwo Jima memorial too. I think it was Paul’s favorite. Since we were in the heat for the majority of the day it was time to visit Larry at Larry’s Ice Cream. I devoured my cinnamon cookie dough, and Paul swallowed up his coffee mudpie. It really hit the spot.

Once home it was time for a major chill out which included more guitar playing, tv watching, book reading, and finally cooking dinner. I did the dessert and Paul worked wonders with the veal chops and the risotto. Tommy also came over to join us. We were all so excited to eat the masterpieces we forgot to take a picture until after.

After the dishes were washed (by me of course) we went over to the hookah bar on Kalorama Rd, smoked some chicha, drank some martinis and then called it a night. I’m so glad I got to show Paul around. He told me I was the best hostess ever. I strive to be just so.