Meet my new best friend, my Blackberry. She came into this world at 12:23 PM today when she was activated by the Helpdesk. We have been inseparable ever since.

I still can’t get google talk or blackberry messenger to work, I fear that work has blocked them to save money. But I can still get all the important things: Gmail, Perez, Google Maps which locates my Blackberry via GPS (so so cool), oh right and my work email. It’s about time I got one of these things. I mean I’ve secretly wanted one ever since I moved to DC and saw all the Hill people who got paid nothing, but were apparently important enough to have them!

Hence, the majority of my workday was spent playing with her. Until Marc comes back, she’s my #1.

For dinner Sadler, Maggie and I went to Blacksalt on MacArthur Blvd. It was a bit last minute, since we are all planners and I kind of didn’t want to spend the money, but it was AMAZING, no regrets. It was most likely the best seafood I’ve had outside of New England (oh and this day in Morocco). We split an appetizer of butter fish with medjool dates. I had a seafood stew for my entree that had a chorizo coconut broth and contained mussels, mini octopus, sea bass and shrimp. For dessert we shared a key lime pie.

It was totally worth the tab, and I’d go back again in a second. I think it’s less annoying “see and be seen” DC since it’s in a really residential area. I drove to dinner, so I figured I’d spend hours looking for parking near my house, but I scored a parking spot across the street from my apartment at 9:30PM, the gods of luck were with me! Once home me and my Blackberry settled in to bed, she even gets her own pillow…