Work passed not too slowly today, with a lunch-break at the office’s gym. I did the elliptical and read People. At 5:30 Michelle met Kate and I at the office and we drove to Kate’s house for book club round two. This month’s book, chosen by Jen was Beautiful Boy.

I had mixed feelings on the book. It taught me a lot about meth addiction and that it’s a drug nobody should ever mess with. But I felt he could have told us all this in about 100 less pages. All in all I’m glad I read it as it’s not the type of book I usually read. The whole point of book club is to expand my literary horizons!

Once at Kate’s we started pouring the wine, and didn’t stop until 10pm. We discussed the book, ate cheese and chicken fingers, and got pretty tipsy. It was the most fun book club meeting yet (out of 1 other) and we had a lot of interesting conversations about drugs, divorce and life.

Michelle and I took a metered cab home. Starting last Sunday all cabs in DC had to implement meters. The meter part was great, but the cab driver was not. He just talked really fast the whole time and was SO ANNOYING. He would not shut up and all we wanted to do was chat and not have to talk to him about people’s lost cell phones, and Obama. I think he was lonely from driving his cab all night. UGH. At least the price was lower, about $10 to get to my house, rather than a 3-zone $12 ride in the pre-meter days!