Today was ever so humid. I can’t wait until it’s this humid every day. Yay for DC summers (not). Work was uneventful per usual, but during lunch I went to Macy’s to return the shoes I’d gotten for Callie’s wedding. I wore them around the office one day and they were not comfortable. Byebye to you guys. I also stopped at the bank to get some quarters for laundry. The basket is overflowing, it’s time for a wash.

I went to my weekly advanced pilates class, and this time there were 3 people. It was wonderful per usual and we did a lot of jack-knifes. I think I’m improving… Once home I ate some chips and mango salsa plus leftover risotto for dinner then put my laundry in the washer. The place was also getting a bit dusty so I took out the trusty swifter mop and we had a grand old time.

When it was time to get my laundry out of the dryer I opened one up and NOTHING was dry. It ate my quarters and then didn’t work. Our maintenance guy promised me I’d get my moola back, and I put them in another. Tres annoying, but what’s a domestic goddess to do? After this fiasco I put on Ugly Betty and folded all that was dry.

Such a productive day!