During work today Kate and I took a client to lunch at Central. I have decided I like the place. When you’re not paying for it, it’s quite delish! I had rotisserie chicken cooked to perfection, the skin was crispy and the meat was ever so juicy. The home-made strawberry soda was also a welcome summer treat. For dessert Kate and I split their signature Kit Kat Bar and boy did it hit the spot!

After lunch we had to go shoe shopping and check out Filene’s Basement. I found another pair of shoes for Callie’s wedding, they are lower heels and much more comfy. I think they will be winners. I will test them out this evening just to be sure!

I walked home from working, stopping at my favorite store for some vanilla nut coffee beans, and sweating about 2lbs. It’s hot out! Once home I beautified myself for the Smithsonian Young Benefactors Cup Kick-Off Party at the Argentine Embassy. Michelle and I had read about it a few weeks ago, and anything with the word Argentine in it, is for me!

The embassy itself was nice, we were just in the large function rooms, but they were tastefully decorated and looked just like an embassy should. Of course, Argentina being the theme of the night they served beef appetizers, alfajores, and other Argentine foods. It was no Las Lilas, but it wasn’t bad. For drinks there was plenty of Malbec from Las Terrazas de los Andes in Mendoza (obv), some fruity punch, and Tanqueray 10.

After a few glasses of Malbec I drew up the courage to approach the Argentina ambassador who was in attendance for the event. We chatted about Argentina, Polo and Mendoza. I was standing next to a boy in a polo shirt (like the hardcore kind, not a silly popped collar polo) and he pretended he played polo so that we could talk a little longer with the ambassador. I even snapped a picture of him – he pretended not to see but I think it was a little obvious. Whoops…

The entertainment of the evening was, you guessed it, Tango. It is just so fun to watch the footwork and the pasion, ay Javier.

Red was a perfect choice. I think it might be tango law to wear red right down to your fishnet stockings.

It was nice to visit Argentina again for the evening.