Today was just like a Friday should be. I rolled into work after 9am and then during lunch Kate, Laura, Katherine and I went to Tangysweet, the new Pinkberry knockoff on P St. It tasted just like Pinkberry, I am so excited. Though, when we talked to the owner and I told him that he was quick to defend his own “original” concept, yeah right. Still, it was delish, and it was free since it was opening day. They also have pomegranate flavored yogurt, that does one up on Pinkberry! I will surely be returning.

At 4:30pm Kate, Katherine and I met up with Michelle to see Sex and the City. Oh, it was everything and more. It was like watching a whole season all in one sitting. I loved seeing all my favorite girls again. Michelle was a little annoyed by the ending, but come on, love conquers all, even with Mr. Big. After the movie we all headed to Katherine’s new house in Georgetown and drank wine (instead of cosmos) and ate mini burgers (instead of seared ahi tuna with crabcake foie gras).

I walked all the way home from Katherine’s house around 10pm as I needed to get up early for my morning of beauty at the Aveda Institute.