I had some trouble sleeping late this morning, so I got up at 9ish, did some dishes and talked to Booboo in the far away land of Malaysia. They have Gchat there, but he’s so busy on his trip he doesn’t have time to update his blog.

Around 11am I got my act together and readied for the pool. I made a stop in the Ghetto on the way (11th and N) at Jay’s new house to drop off some of Elly’s stuff. We got it yesterday afternoon. Jay’s (and Elly’s for the summer) new place was nice, and the area really wasn’t bad at all. Plus it was on the way to Pentagon City, my final destination.

I snuck into the pool at Tommy’s old apartment with no problem. They don’t give a crap and nobody even has pool passes this year. Score. I know where I’m going to swim for the rest of the summer… I read, tanned, sat in the water and read, and generally beat the 100 degree heat. When I could take it no longer I headed over to the mall.

My first stop was the Verizon store because I’m up for a new phone. After consulting with Genny the cell phone expert, and the saleslady, I decided to get the LG Envy. It’s LGs newest phone and since I have red on the brain I really liked the burgundy color it came in. I put a silicone case over it, so you can’t totally see the color, but now she won’t get scratched.

It also opens up and has a full keyboard. I used to think they were a little weird, but I kind of like it. Texting is going to be a lot faster and it’s good practice for my new blackberry. I can’t wait to wear my new RED sunglasses with my RED dress and talk on my new RED LG Envy.

Do you like it Dad?

Once I was done with the Verizon store I did some other errands, including finding a black belt at Banana. She will go quite well with a dress I got at Saks yesterday (she was a pre-sale dress so I don’t get to pick her up until Wednesday, you’ll see her then). I also headed to Bed and Bath to get a new brita filter and some sponge refills for my trusty Oxo Sinkbrush. I also decided to be green and got some of those energy saving light bulbs. They do really give off normal light, I’m sold, go green!

When I got back home I did some cleaning and downed the rest of my Thaiphoon leftovers. As I was eating I was half watching E! and saw someone I recognized on the show. She works for Forbes and was a host of the program. I did a total double take and had to call Mom right away. She watched too.

I also fit in a bubble bath, a deep conditioning treatment, and a face mask. Monday here I come!