Okay, no red theme today, though I did wear my glasses to work and I did send some texts on my phone. Also, it is my favorite day of the year 6/9, heh.

This morning I waited about 30 minutes for the H1 bus, the stupid thing never came, so I had to hop on the 42 to get the L1, luckily that came. It was 85 degrees at 8am, so there was NO WAY I was walking to work. Plus I wasn’t wearing the right footwear.

Because of the heat I stayed inside all day. During lunch I read East of Eden by John Steinbeck. It’s the bookclub book for the month, which I chose! Though it’s long and a classic it was my favorite book when I read it in 9th grade and it was high time to revisit it. I’m very happy with my choice Plus nobody in the group has read it. Grapes of Wrath seems to be more popular in High Schools and literary circles over East of Eden. Personally I think the latter is much better! Spencer and Heidi got nothing on the evil Cathy Ames.

In the afternoon it was decided that I get to stay in Boston for an extra day. I am going this coming weekend and Kate will be there for some client meetings until Tuesday. Thus, I am staying until Tuesday morning and going with her. Yay! Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in plenty of time at WSTC. We will also be stopping at Dairy Joy as we need to drive by it on the way to meet with a client.

I braved the heat and took the bus home, which actually came this time. After a trip to MINT for some elliptical and ab work I made Ina’s chicken piccata for dinner. I added some salad and some Trader Joe’s garlic fries to the side. Before the fries were just about done I sprinkled some parm on them, delish and crispy!

Then I did some GMAT studying on critical reasoning questions and watched the tellie. An episode of Hannah Montana was on, so I secretly watched half of it. Miley Cyrus is kinda cool. She has a good singing voice. Shhh, don’t tell anyone I watched Nickelodeon… Oh or downloaded her song “See You Again.”