Moneybags over here just sold about $10,000 in advertising for June, pushing her just shy of her goal. Recession my behind.

Besides making some dollahs I went to lunch with Kate and a client to this Benihana style place in Tyson’s Corner. I had some beef and fried rice, yum, but god are those chefs annoying. No I don’t care if you can start a fire on the grill, and no I’m trying to sell advertising, not watch your skills with the tongs. Maybe if I was there for pleasure it would have been different.

It was super hot again today and as much as I wanted to go for a run outside, I settled for the treadmill. Blah. However, I did watch an episode of Jeopardy as I was running. I do love Alex. I had my leftover piccata for dinner and did some more GMAT critical reasoning questions. So far I keep getting 5 out of 8. I’ve got a lot more studying to do!

Before bed I finally watched the season finale of Desperate Housewives, yeah a little late. I liked it, nice and cliffhanging per usual, but at the end there was a “five years later” which was just kinda weird and not too exciting.