Finally, some cooler weather. It was only 75 this morning when I was going to work. I made a stop at Dunkin Donuts for some HOT coffee rather than iced. MMM. I was pretty busy today and also managed to clean out my inbox, quite a feat.

While I was getting my daily Perez dose I noticed that Elton John and I have the same sunglasses, who looks cuter in them? And please don’t say Elton.

During the work day I also read about Padre Pio. He was an Italian Priest who was sainted in 2002. My religious Aunt sent my mom an email about how his body was exhumed, kinda weird (1 that he was exhumed, 2 that this was in an email). I don’t know anything about Saints so I looked for him on Wikipedia. I found out he was buried on my birthday, September 26th 1968 (a few years before I as born) and exhumed this year on March 3rd, my Mom’s birthday. Totally creepy. Padre Pio is so out to get us for not being religious…

Here is a cute shot of him (circa this year). He’s wearing a silicone mask, not his real face. Gross.

After work I went to Friendship Heights to pick up a Theory dress I’d bought WAY on sale at Saks. I purchased it Saturday with Elly, but couldn’t pick it up until today, as it was a pre-sale (translation for Marc: you can buy it for the sale price a few days before so that you actually get the item, but you can’t take it home until the day the sale starts). She looks sack-ey on the hanger, but you wear a belt and it’s supah professional. Can’t wait to wear her tomorrow.

I also popped into Bloomies, and Padre Pio was with me. He sent me a miracle, but that will be discussed in a later post. It needs it’s very own. Stay tuned.

Once home I packed for my 4 day jaunt to Boston and then combined exercise and dinner. I ran down to P Street to TangySweet for a medium original with granola, strawberries and blackberries, ate it for dinner. The place was hopping, they are going to do quite well this summer.

I watched the season finale of Top Chef even though I should have gone to bed early. I have an event in the AM and have to be there at 7:30, yuck.