I decided against going to the early event and slept in until 7:20, wahooo. Work today was pretty busy and during lunch we had our public speaking group. I listened this time, no public speaking just yet. At 5pm I went and got a manicure/pedicure at the Asian nail place in the Watergate and then headed to the airport for my 8pm flight to Boston.

Everything went well with the flight and I was home by 10pm. The first thing I did was introduce my Mom to Pia, the little miracle in the form of a Botkier Stevie Satchel that was sent to us yesterday from Padre Pio at Bloomingdales (hence the feminized version of his name). I didn’t want to write about her yesterday because I wasn’t sure we were going to keep her. Basically she was on sale for so much that it would have been original sin (Padre Pio’s words not mine), to not buy her.

My Mom and I decided I should get her, and then if it really was true love we would split her 50/50 and draw up a joint custody agreement. As soon my Mom took Pia out of the dustbag she too knew it was the bag for us. Her leather is like buttah and her size is so perfect. We are keeping her and splitting her. My Mom gets her first, to take her to LA, and then she’s going to come live with me for a few months, and perhaps holidays and summer vacation.