Today I slept in to the wonderful hour of 9am in my little Wayland room where no busses are driving by and the shades keep it dark in the morning. Once awake I buzzed around, did a little work in the form of hiring us a summer intern (fingers crossed) and ate a yummy breakfast. Around 10:30 my Mom and I headed to the Natick Collection as we had some errands to run.

We played with purses at Neiman Marcus, but weren’t allowed to buy any, since Pia was now with us and we both tried on a bunch of dresses that were on sale, but again, we were good and didn’t buy any, then Burberry happened…

My Mom had a jacket on hold that she’d been wanting, and was way on sale. Thanks recession, I think that’s why all these designer duds have been on sale lately. The jacket, led to a tote bag, that led to earmuffs. Earmuffs in June you say? Welp they were also on sale, matched her scarf, and she’d wanted them. Might as well store them away for the Boston winter. We then stopped at Anthropologie where we ended up getting the same shirt. My Mom was the one who picked it out, she is so good at clothes these days!

After a light lunch at Sel de Terre we went home and I made my way right to the WSTC for some sun time. School had just gotten out for the day so it was hopping with all the Wayland children. I almost got hit by a tennis ball and a basketball a few times, but I didn’t care. I was at the pool instead of work, pretty much nothing was going to annoy me.

That evening I met Dana at her house in the South End. Her apartment was so cute, right on Clarendon St near Back Bay station. We made our way over to a Venezuelan restaurant called Orinoco and ordered a selection of things. Our favorite was an arepa with this amazing Venezuelan cheese, our second favorite was an empanada, but it wasn’t really an empanda that we were used to. Julia’s in Adams Morgan has them beat!

After dinner we went to the Beehive for a drink. It’s right on Tremont street and has a Jazz theme. I really liked the decor and liked my Hoegaarden beer even more!

I did have to drive home so I only stayed for a drink and then snuggled into bed. It was so great to see Dana, and have a day off in Wayland.