This morning I woke up early and went to a water aerobics class with my Mom. She goes all the time, and as a result has a pretty hot bod, so I wanted to give it a whirl. Boy is it a workout. You are using the resistance of the water to work all your muscles. I quite enjoyed “running” and “skiing” in the water, and doing sit ups and arm work. I’ll be sore tomorrow.

I managed to fit in some tanning time since we were done with the class by 9am. Then my parents and I headed to Dairy Joy for lunch, this little place in Weston that serves burgers, fries and ice cream. It’s a staple in the area and when I was little I thought there were only two restaurants, Dairy Joy and McDonald’s. I had a coffee frappe and some grilled cheese. MMMM. There was a guy there selling prints of diners all over New England. Though it was a little cheesy (like my sandwich), I bought a little Dairy Joy print, it will look super cute in my Kitchen.

Once home I readied for the wedding and my parents drove me into Boston to meet up with Kathryn. From the Taj hotel (the old Ritz) we took a shuttle with the other guests to The Country Club in Chestnut Hill. Her ceremony was in this little house beside a pond, down in the depths of the golf course. We learned later that the little house is where people hang out during the winter after ice skating on the pond. It was decorated beautifully with branches and flowers, and reminded us of a building at our summer camp, her intention I’m sure!

The ceremony was lovely. Callie was wearing her mother’s dress, which was very special, and the groomsmen wore khaki suits, classy and summery. The bridesmaid dresses were yellow chiffon and looked perfect and summery. After the ceremony we went to the reception at the country clubs main building.

She had kind of a yellow beehive theme going on and the cake was just the coolest.

Before dinner we had a cocktail hour outside, complete with oysters and all raw bar accouterments, some other appetizers, and plenty of drinks, including Seadog Maine Blueberry beer. The couple met a Bowdoin, so the ice sculpture of a Bowdoin polar bear (their mascot) was a nice touch. Her Dad did the best Dad toast every and Kathryn and I cried. I didn’t think I would, but it was very touching. Dads are the best.

Dinner was served in the Country Clubs dining room. They were very adventurous with the menu, there was a pea soup with a cumin flan for an appetizer and for the main course two different cuts of lamb, cooked perfectly and paired with asparagus, mushrooms and a Parmesan risotto cake. The lamb was perfectly cooked and melted in your mouth. I felt bad for uncultured pallets and this was definitely a gourmet meal.

After dinner they cut the cake and did some toasts. All very sweet. Dessert was cake of course, which was drizzled with honey and tasted amazing, and then a make your own sundae bar, however it was quite classy indeed.

Much dancing and drinking ensued and we bonded with the other guests and watched the newlyweds do a dance.

At the end of the night we took the requisite camp picture to send to our director, which she will then post in our little alumni book that comes out every year.

It was a beautiful and classy wedding and I think the bar is now set pretty high for me. I don’t have any others coming up, but when I do I sure hope they serve oysters!