Kathryn and I had a lovely little morning in Boston. We stayed at the Park Plaza Hotel after the wedding, right in the South End. For breakfast we got some latte’s and pastries at a little cafe on Newbury Street. Since the weather was crappy and cold we didn’t stick around.

My parent’s picked me up around noon and we headed to a new restaurant in Wellesley called The Cottage. The owners have a similar place in La Jolla California and this Wellesley place was hopping with families celebrating the holiday. We all had Bloody Mary’s and egg dishes. Before brunch I had the chance to talk to Marc, far far away in Singapore. It was good to hear his voice and know he hadn’t been arrested for chewing gum!

After lunch we hit up CVS and Roche Brothers grocery store, a lovely little Sunday. On the way home we drove by the house I spent the first 4 years of my life in, it’s such a cute little Wellesley neighborhood. Why did Mom and Dad have to have other kids? Gawd, we could have stayed there.

As soon as we got home I passed out, weddings are exhausting. I woke up around 6ish, watched an episode of The Tudors (parents have Showtime, I don’t), such a good show… I love historical drama, especially when it has to do with Henry VIII and his wives.

We had a light dinner and watched a bit of the Celtics game. I was out cold by 10:15!