I got to stay in Boston today for some client meetings. The first one wasn’t until 12pm, so I slept in until 8am, wahoo. Since I went to bed around 10 that was like 10 hours. I needed it. Once I was up I went for a run through Wayland. I messed up the route a little and ended up doing 4 miles, but it felt great. The weather was cool and cloudy, so I didn’t get hot at all.

At noon I met Kate in Harvard Square and we made our way to the first meeting. The client had never confirmed, so we just showed up and played dumb. The method worked and we met with her for a little. Afterwards, since it wasn’t sunny (ie we could not go to the pool at WSTC) we did some shopping and had a yummy lunch at The Border Cafe, a Harvard Square staple.

After some Mexicano we drove all the way out to Stowe MA. It was a nice little drive thru the burbs and the meeting we had lasted less than an hour. We drove back to my house on Route 117, a perfect example of a New Englandey little road. It also happens to run right past Dairy Joy. Kate had to experience it, so we stopped and got Javaberry Ice cream dipped in chocolate.

Any Weston/Wayland/Lincoln etc kid can tell you that Javaberry is coffee ice cream and raspberry sherbet twisted and then dipped in chocolate. If I didn’t have Marc, Javaberry would be my number one (after Pia and my Blackberry). It tastes like heaven.

Kate dropped me off at home where I proceeded to watch two more episodes of the Tudors and do a little bit of work. My Dad always seems to walk in the room during the “uncomfortable” scenes, and low and behold, he got home from work right when Anne Boleyn and Henry were going at it. Oops.

We had some Filet Mignon for dinner that just melted in your mouth. I packed up my stuff (tear) and at 10pm we watched the season premiere of Weeds. It’s one of my favorite shows, and this season is going to be really different! It was nice to be with my parents all weekend, they are so fun to hang out with.