This morning I took an 8:30am flight from Boston to DC. It was oversold and I was tempted to give up my seat and take a $300 voucher, but someone else beat me to it! Oh well, no free trips. I was in the office by 10:30 and had a lot to do at work today.

I made a lunch trip to Trader Joe’s and got some salami for sandwiches. I was craving some Italian MEAT. No idea why. I also picked up some chicken and a few other sundries, including coconut chicken taquitos, recommended by a co-worker. Full review of them to follow. I am thinking of serving them at book club if they are good!

Once home I cleaned out my DVR and watched a great episode of Barefoot Contessa. She was making lamb kabobs, and since that amazing lamb at the wedding this weekend I’ve been thinking of dabbling. Her recipe seemed simple enough and used lamb shoulder. I am going to try it soon.

The show also inspired me to make my own marinade for my chicken. Playing on Ina’s lamb I mixed together some olive oil, lemon juice, fresh lavender, fresh garlic, and some Herbs de Provence from Penzys. The result was delish. I am so going to be the next Top Chef. My lavender is out of control and I needed to use some!

I also made some mushroom risotto from Trader Joe’s. I’d bought a box long ago, left it at Marc’s house, and then he decided to take it to North Carolina with him (on purpose). I bought another box and knew it would go well with my chicken. I’ve never done risotto on my own, so I was a bit nervous. Luckily all went well, I just followed the directions like my Dad always taught me and it came out great. I used chicken stock (the recipe gave you a choice between stock or water), which I would highly recommend. I also added some Parmesan at the end – necessary for a rockin’ risotto. If I’d had fresh mushrooms on hand they would have been great too. This is the box, go out and get your own, or if you’re Marc, just steal your girlfriends!

After dinner I decided to go for a walk. I was too tired for a run and it was a perfect breezy night to stroll (or power walk). Kalorama was calling my name, so I walked down Wyoming and Kalorama, peering into the ambassadors residences and awesome houses, it’s nice to dream… Before bed I watched some Ugly Betty and called it an early night. I have to get up early for an event in the AM.