I awoke to the roosters crow at 6:10am and was in a cab on my way to the National Press Club by 6:40. I was a good little helper at our event and got to take home some pretty flowers. Hydrangeas and orchids with some big leaves mixed in. My desk is quite tranquil as a result.

During work I read an article about one of my favorite bloggers in the Times, which led me to another blog, and then another. Before I knew it half the day was gone. Whoops! But, it really did get me thinking about blogging, how mainstream it’s become, and how fun it is. I’m not going to be the next Perez, but it’s fun to do. Thanks Boo for being my muse… Can boys be muses? I think Marc Jacobs uses his gay bf as a muse…

Later in the day I found another blog all about the Park Ave high life and noticed some lady was wearing the same Anthropologie dress I have from LAST SEASON. Somebody at a seen and be seen Manhattan cocktail party 1) Wore Anthro, not Oscar? and 2) Dared to wear something from last summer? Wow. Gossip Girl would have picked that one up in a second. Good thing I am here in real life! Feast your eyes, it’s the chick in the middle.

Since I’d started work supah early I took off at 5pm and went to advanced pilates. Even though I’ve been coming quite frequently in the past few weeks, the teacher never remembers me! This time she thought I was another teacher at the gym. I usually wear the same Lululemon top too, don’t tell me this shirt is hard to forget.

After pilates I read the newest Lucky on the elliptical and had a free banana chocolate smoothie. MINT always has smoothie samples out in the evenings. I’ve never had to buy one because I can try all their creations for free – though the membership fee is a little steeper than Gold’s Gym – I guess you inadvertently pay for it (did I use the dashes right?).

I had my leftover chicken and risotto for dinner and did some GMAT studying on sentence correction. As a result, I have been wondering this whole time how my grammar is in this post (likely atrosh). Before bed I made myself a Absolut Ruby Red and soda and watched some television.

MMMMM Ruby Red…