The other week I came across a photo album of Martha Stewart’s peonies. They are probably my favorite flowers and they are in full bloom in June. Her album can be viewed here, but I wanted to share my favorite picture. Doesn’t it just brighten your day?

This morning I went outside at the normal time to catch the bus and I saw it driving by. WHAT, the bus coming early? I was pissed and had to wait around 15 minutes for another. Work was same old, nothing new and exciting. Tommy and I did lunch, which we haven’t done in a long time even though we now are in the same group!

After work I went for a run as the weather was cool. Gotta take advantage of days under 90 degrees while I can! Instead of studying for the GMAT and eating dinner I decided it was time to watch the Netflix I’ve had for awhile: El Orfanato (The Orphanage). The movie is directed by the same guy as Pan’s Labyrinth and was recommend by my sister. The movie was a little scary and my DVD remote doesn’t work, hence I could not get the English subtitles to show up, so I watched the whole thing in Spanish. There we go, expand my mind with Espanol instead of GMAT sentence correction! I definitely missed some lines, but I got the general idea.

After watching the movie I needed to get out of my apartment… I didn’t want ghosts of orphans scaring me, so I took a walk to McDonalds on 18th St and got some vanilla softserve, once home I ate some cucumbers, to cancel out the ice cream. That works right? At this point it was only 9pm, so I decided to do a little GMAT, then read East of Eden before going to bed. Tomorrow is FRIDAY, yay.